Ger-Khard Dunesturm

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Player: Duralan
Race: Half-Giant
Class: Psychic Warrior 7 (Half Giant Substitution lvls, DSP)
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A powerfully build being of obvious giant heritage. As intimidating as his appearance may be on the first glance, there's no bloodlust or aggressive air around him. A suit of exotic armor covers the half-giant's hulking body, and the man rarely parts with such protective implements. From beneath, however, one can notice freely flowing long, black hair and slightly glowing green eyes.

Personality: The giant-blooded one personality is not really prominent, seeing that he's been more of a recluse and his contact with more civilized lands saw limits, to say it lightly… but both curiosity of the foreign lands and the usual thrive of all young males of his clan to prove himself to be a man makes him easily swayable in numerous situations.

Background: Up until recently Ger-Khard was but a simple-traveler, a nomad, member of a tribe of desert dwellers roaming from one oasis to another, sometimes engaging in minor trade-relations with the Asherati or Bhukas of the Red Desert. It all changed when one day after witnessing prowess and awesomeness of a mysterious man whom he saw hunting powerful beasts of the desert, the ones feared and avoided at all costs by his tribe, and defeating them single-handily with his bare hands. No elder, or scribe of his small community could tell about (nor believe Ger-Khards stories) the 'hunter' he saw and after hearing a nebulous suggestion about the being's possible foreign origins…the young nomad left shortly in search for his own path to glory in which he would prove to be worthy in his own eyes and mind.

Membership: Dunesturm Tribe

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 04-06-2012 0 +900 (via trait) Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 04-06-2012 -816 Masterwork (large) Heavy mace, Mstw Concentration Charm, Mstw Hunting Tools, Mstw Perception Charm, Std adventurer's kit.
3 E6: Flight or Fight 04-06-2012 2300 Met…a lot of strange people. Their customs…the elders warned me… eerie they are, even for midgets. They fought well though. The little kiddo is the most bizarre out of all…
4 Natantis Turris 04-10-2012 916 +1003 This 'city' is so strange ! Their contraptions…customs…and lack of common sense. The elders warned me about the cold … That arrogant runt should be grateful for my old-man's lessons ! Grrr…otherwise…. Some of the locals are just all-talk so it seems. But at least I got the chance to show my might ! HA ! Brigands we took out ! Hmmm puny mage was no match for my iron grip ! But… why the others are so bloodthirsty ?
5 Dowtime: Buying 04-11-2012 -1050 Belt of Healing, Crystal of Return (least) Bought….nothing to add above it.
6 Runaway Lightning Coach! 04-11-2012 2555 +2000 Taught those puny tin….wannabe-warriorz a less'n they will never forget…except they did as they are no more ! HA ! A shame I did not get to show of my skillz…too many allies tis also bad. The gold is not.
7 Dowtime: Buying 04-11-2012 -1020 +1 chain shirt, liquid sunlight The armor got enchanted.
8 The Vorloi Coup D'etat 04-11-2012 3460 +3000 Helped some random localz, datz disgraceful to be datz weak ! The desertz dwellez' here ? Ha ! Unleashed my clan's bloodline ! Nice lootz they've left…hmm they would be proud…nah not yetz.
9 Blood in the Water 06-04-2012 +2160 +2000 Messedz up with the wrongz crowd…saved one nice piece-o-hourglass (Arisu). Kicked arsez fer gold…darn I need to drinkz it away… I kind of regret barging and actually slayin' them…
10 Dowtime: Buying 06-11-2012 -4k Periapt of Wisdom +2 Bought somewherez.
11 Goblin Issues 06-11-2012 1275 +2000 Taught midgetz a lessn'… one does not mess with the Dunesturm Tribe HA ! The other midgetz 'ere at least half…fun.
12 Masbath 06-21-2012 800 +4500 Ventured to Masbath due to …Dragonport being not as interesting at the moment. Allied with Ember and met Shard. Beat the hell out of one steel beast in an arena.
13 Masbath --Underground 06-27-2012 4500 ??? Aided Shard in one heroic quest. Met a half-dragon and a fellow 'gifted one' (Markus). Encountered an….illithid who the hell that Shard is associating with ?
14 Blood in the Streets 07-06-2012 +10 000 +5620 +200 from message Wokd'd fer that Preacher Saved Farris Blackclaw's ass… got saved by the man in turn from weretigerz…curses ! Why didn't I go all outz…-_-. Met Kelmar … strong he is…wait…who's Farris' old man O_O.
15 Downtine: retraining -50gp Psionic Weapon retrained into Weap Focus (heavy mace), needed for the "3 mountains" feat.
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