Gentleman's Agreement

If you wish to play in Black Marches, you must abide by the Genteman's (and Lady's) Agreement


1. When playing you agree not to play Pun-Pun, to engage in infinite loops, and other somesuch that completely takes all risk away from your character. There is no exact or complete list of things that for the sake of a coherent game should be avoided. That is not to say that your characters should not be powerful, they need to be and should be very powerful, but they and their actions should not become utterly gamebreaking such as to remove the aspect of challenge in a game.

2. You agree to fully document your character's statistics, ability's, loot, etc. according to the game rules and the campaign rules completely and honestly at all times. You agree to have a fully updated character sheet before play and not just "Wing It."

3. You agree update the wiki after every adventure to incorporate the changes and additions to the game world.

4. You agree to act in good faith towards others in the game and create a environment which supports having fun. You agree to act courteously and respectfully towards one another.

5. You agree to follow the guidelines and rules of this wiki.


1. D&D is an unbalanced game, plain and simple. Anyone who disagrees with this statement hasn't read enough optimization forums or played enough. In order to maintain a fun game for everyone the Players must self-moderate their character builds and actions to an extent. That being said, it is only required in the most extreme of situations.

2. This is a multi-DM multi-player setting and for the sake of time, the DM cannot audit every character sheet. You have to create and maintain your characters, possessions, etc. according to the rules and you are expected to be honest. You need to choose all of your characters stuff before creation and update as they level accordingly. This should go without saying. No "Oh, well I could choose to learn Orc right now since it'd help with the adventure." Similarly, not every DM is as familiar with psionic tricks, Tome of Battle combos, or whathaveyou tactics from the plethora of available books as you are. It must be expected and understood that you both fully know and fully follow the rules of the mechanics that your character(s) utilizes.

3. This is a multi-DM multi-player setting. The world becomes richer with every adventure, discovery and addition. We do not want an Inn in one adventure destroyed while in the next one adventures mosy in about it. We do not need 15 different master Artificers that the PCs buy items from; it's better to reuse existing NPCs that fulfill the same function and it enriches the story when we find that the same Baron is employed in several story arcs. None of this happens if it isn't reported in the wiki. It isn't a rich and consistent story unless we put forth the effort to make it rich and consistent.

4. We're all playing D&D because we all want to have fun. The fun of the group comes before the fun of the individual. There is no place for jerks here, we need to all act courteously toward one another because of the innate respect each human being is due and secondly courtesy and respect toward each other are pre-requisites for group fun.

5. This is a multi-DM multi-player setting. We have to have some guidelines and decisions to guide the easy transition from adventure to adventure and DM to DM. Some freedom in choice must be delegated away so that arguments are avoided and consistent standards are in place.

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