Race: Human Crypt Thing
Class: Archivist 8
Alignment: Neutral

Description: Gavin is currently the most senior member of the Dragonport Archivists although none of the other current members remember it. When the Archivists numbers were dwindling and a trusted member was needed to attend the confidential files, Gavin volunteered to become a Crypt Thing to ensure compliance.

Ever since then, for hundreds of years, he has been waiting in the demiplane of Section 14 of the Dragonport Archives for whatever documents visitors require, ever ready to provide service.

However, Gavin requires everyone wishing to access the confidential records provide their name and reason for visit. Those who fail to give the proper or truthful credentials risk Gavin Planeshifting such individuals far away (DC 45 Will).


Dragonport Archivists - Senior Archivist


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 5 07-08-2012 Met a group of visiting adventurers, helping them after they gave their actual names and purpose. Gave several theories and assistance regarding a variety of subjects.
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