Garun is a fairly standard sized Gnoll. If not for his albino coloration and more red than 'pink' eyes he would just seem as weird as anything else in Dragonport. He tends to avert his eyes from directly staring at people he's not comfortable with because he finds the temptation to sink his teeth into them to be unsettling, though not overpowering. When he smiles, his canines, which are already fairly large due to his physiology, appear to be a little longer and oddly shaped and deadly (DC 15 Religion to determine Vampiric Function).

Garun Bloodraven
Race: Gnoll Half-Vampire
Class: Warblade 5 / Bloodstorm Blade 5 / Exotic Weapon Master 1
Level: 11
Player: Sythesith
Current Status: Active
DM Coins Used: 3
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