Garmivr, The Starforger

Race: Midgard Dwarf, Demigod
Class: ???
Alignment: Lawful ???

Description: A figure of dwarven legends famous for his grand crafting expertise as well as epic prowess with what could be described as 'earth magic'. According to many tales, as well as some obscure historical accounts, the chosen of Moradin would appear in the times of great turmoil of dwarvenkind to aid his brethren. The dwarf's material plane 'clanshold' is rumored to be located deep beneath Doomcape.

"Starforger", "Earthern Savant of the endless depths of Doomcape"


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Retributive Past 01-22-2013 It appears that Hauteclere was crafted ages ago by Garmivr and later passed through the royal line of the 'hidden kingdom' only to be lost during the Bloodstained Age to an unknown warrior of an empire from far away.
2 Doomcape exploration (discere arcanum) 02-12-2013 Mentioned - if inderectly - by Yomino.
3 Doomcape Exploration - a mishap... or two 02-16-2013 It was confirmed that Yomino got sealed up by the dwarf in a golem-alike creature currently stored beneath Old Castle Darnten. The binding spell had one flaw which allowed for her escape after she became bonded to Kimonto who ended up in the same 'realm' (if only temporarily) due to her staff's affecting the rite performed by Beatrice in a rather specific manner.
4 The Holy Library 04/11/2013 Mentioned few times, though first time by accident, by the Ebon Librarian who turned out to be an inderect associate of his from the days long gone. According to the contents of the Imperial Library the dwarf was a legendary figure even in the times of the old-empire when the city of Durge still existed (where he supposedly spent time working together with the high-magic wielding elves on something).
5 Elemental Issues 04/19/2013 Ebon Librarian mixed the behavior of Isaac's with the one of the dwarf's… not being sure till the end whether someone isn't playing tricks on him.
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