Gargantuan Engine Of Destruction

Race: Corpse Creature, Forged , Tytanic, Young, Monstrous Crab
Class: None
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: A result of a joint-project in which the Seekers provided the biomantically augmented organic tissue while the College of Necromancy channeled their expertise with negative energy into it. The forging technique's origin is not clear though. Such operations made the existence of 'G.E.O.D' possible.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Those Who Seek (part 4) 04-15-2012 Confronted by the 'intruders' after their discovery and descent through a well hidden passage in one of the 'death-trap' rooms of the Seeker Base. The team managed to (barely) withstand the terrible power of its armaments, sharp claws…not to mention its ridiculous raw strength. Even then, if not for Syrius's magic the party might have not left the complex in one piece due to the chain reaction triggered by a negative energy explosion of the monster which unsettled its relatively delicate ammunition storage. During the battle Syrius noticed that the normally-mindless menace became possessed by some outside influence.
2 The "Nexus of Souls" (part 2) 09-11-2012 A 'cute' version of the freak of nature was defeated in Gatogpark.
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