Fungal Cavern


A system of caverns located westwards from Doomcape, near a small, unnamed river. One of the cave's branches happens to be quite overgrown with fungi bearing very peculiar alchemical properties the other served as a hidden laboratory for a researcher yet to be named.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Feeding time... long-due 03-13-2013 Yagiuma was guided there by Nana as the fox got rather curious with the feline's search for one peculiarly round object. The venture through the cavern was quite perilous as the pair barely evaded the fate of its guardian's… dinner (the guardian in question being a rather hungry example of a monstrous crab). In the end the 'kitsune' managed to acquire quite a survival cache… and quite supply of the strange purplish fungi.
2 The hatchery of plots~ 03-20-2013 Due to a chain of events (one of which being acquirement of her loyal servants~) Yagiuma decided to adapt the destroyed laboratory into her power base. Nana was not that amused with the idea due to rather… damp conditions of the site (poor cat). With the help of her thrall the renovation started shortly, proving that a bit of mind-bending here and there can solve all life's problems ^^.
3 Corruptive Alteration~ 04/07/2013 A week spent here between preparation of the injection as well as a berserking Yagiuma after taking the injection.
4 Webs of vanity (part1) 05/02/2013 The event's setting. The kitsune was crafting there next steps of her domination-happy conquest plan.
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