Frogs Everywhere

Three: There are several notices around town, on billboards and outside of shops, with an advertisement. "Meet the elf named 3 at the edge of the marsh! Have fun and get gold!"
Mali: (kk)
Mali: "I like gold!"
Altharid: "If fun means… obliterating … then I'm in"
Farris Reads the bill, hefts his spear up onto his shoulders and heads to the edge of the marsh
Altharid goes to the edge of the marsh **
Mali: "Oh, it's tentacles. You look much stronger for some reason."
Altharid: "Indeed… I am more powerful"
Daemon: *goes up to mali and altharid*
Daemon: im looking for the one named five…..
Farris: "Hello you three."
Daemon: i mean three
Roc follows the group, not entirely suprised to be seeing them again. **
Altharid: "But… still… I need to do more reasearch to unlock more of my latent talents"
Mali: "I hear gold is about. we should slay it and get monsters."
Mali: "er, reverse that."
Farris facepalms **
Altharid: "Ah… I see"
Daemon: "…hmm….slaying gold……"*thinks about how that might work
Altharid blushes at the thought of using the touchsight power when Mali is nearby (not visible under his bandages) **
Farris: "where is that elf?"
Three: Three, along with a pack mule and his dog, are waiting on the outskirts of the mire, facing into the swamp.
Mali: "I hope he's okay."
Farris: "aha"
Mali: *runs up to three
Daemon: i dont….
Farris approaches **
Mali: "Hi, remember me? from the wedding."
Altharid: "I wonder how did he survive up to this point…" - telepathically to Mali
Daemon: *follows…angrilly*
Three: Three looks at Mali. "Yes, I… what are you all doing here?"
Mali: "signs in dragonport"
Farris: "We're here for the fun, and the gold, not nessecarily in that order"
Altharid: "… You offered some currence… therefore… I'm present here"
Mali: "they're putting poor gin out of a job"
Daemon: "ive come for your soul five…….
Altharid: *currency
Daemon: "i mean three"
Daemon: "i mean gold"
Farris: "what is up with this guy?"
Three: Three looks at you all, confused. "You aren't kids…"
Altharid is amused …. devouring souls… interesting - he thinks **
Daemon: *his mind is obviously on other things*
Mali: "Kids? you need kids for the job?"
Roc: "And where on your posters did it say it was advertised to kids?"
Daemon: "you are getting kids to come alone into the swamp with you???????……disgusting"
Three: "That's what I told that halfling kid to put that on there. What did he write on the signs?"
Altharid: (quotes the note from his memory via autohypnosis)
Mali: "He wrote that you wanted awesome super heroes."
Farris: " kids…that seems very…odd"
Three: Three facepalms. "The job is catching frogs."
Daemon: sense motive on three wanting kids…..
Daemon: [1d20+4] => [8,4] = (12)
Mali: *looks at farris. "wow, you seem much more powerful too!"
Three: Three seems to need kids for a small job.
Altharid: (the same check)
Altharid: ([1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13))
Farris: "Kord smiles on the faithful mali."
Three: Three seems to need kids for a small job.
Daemon: ((how small…..
Daemon: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
Daemon: ))
Three: ((He just told you.))
Farris: ((small like catching frogs dude))
Roc: Sense Motive, just to be sure: [1d20+8] => [4,8] = (12)
Roc: (Dang it. Okay, I'll stop.)
Farris: "frog catching… is this some kind of joke?"
Daemon: ((sense motive on the wanting of frogs[1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)))
Roc: (Lol.) SenseM: [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22)
Three: "I got contacted by an old friend. Apparently, frogs legs are all the rage amongst the nobles. Bigger, the better. I can get a gold a leg for fresh ones from the swamp."
Daemon: "is the warrent for dead or alive?"
Three: Three genuinely seems to want frog legs. You are guessing he wanted kids so he could pay them less.
Three: "Alive. Need to transport them alive."
Mali: "oh, so you want us to kill the frogs?"
Three: "Catch."
Mali: "hmm, I wonder how to catch a frog."
Daemon: "okay……so if i were to aquire these….legs for you…how much would i recieve in monetary gains?"
Altharid: "That is a valid question"
Three: "Gotta make a profit. I'll give you a gold for every two you catch. Swamp's full of them."
Mali: "Frogs, I have candy!'-yells into the marsh
Mali: "Everybody likes candy"
Daemon: "fine……"
Three: *There is a large amount of croaking from the swamp.*
Roc: (Any flies in the area?)
Farris: "lets go snatch some frogs"
Altharid: "Gold… is gold I guess"
Daemon: *walks a few feet away and casts exterminate on a group of frogs….comes back with ten froms in arms all dead*
Three: Roc, roll perception to try and find flies.
Three: "Uhh. I told you I need them alive."
Daemon: :give me five gold"
Daemon: ……..
Roc: Perception: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
Three: The swamp is full of big mosquitoes.
Daemon: *casts animate dead animals on them and they come alive…sort off*
Three: ((BTW, there is no set way to catch these frogs. Come up with whatever you can.))
Daemon: there……..
Three: ((The best ideas catch more frogs.))
Mali: (I hope teh cleric of kord wasn't watching)
Three: Three backs away a bit. "Undead doesn't cut it."
Farris: "You disgust me Daemon"
Altharid creates few swimming astral constructs which swallow the frogs… and then puts the small constructs in a bag… effect -> some frogs in the bag **
Daemon: …………picky bastard…………"*walks away stepping ont eh frogs and crushing them to twitching bits*
Mali: "Hmm, they didn't respond to my candy call."
Farris frowns **
Roc looks for a large group of frogs. **
Three: ((How many is a few?))
Roc: Perception: [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
Daemon: **searches for more frogs ready to cast sleep this time

Farris wades out into the water **
Altharid: (it depends on how much a single construct can catch)
Farris casts guidance on self **
Mali: "I bet you if I caught the best female frog, the males would come."
Three: ((They are small constructs, right? I would say 2-4 at most. These are big frogs.))
Altharid: (swallow… then come back… dissipate in my bag… and leave the frogs inside)
Daemon: "……thats disgusting………"
Roc: "Maybe. I forget when the frog mating season is."
Altharid: (yeah small constructs… they are worth only 1 pp)
Farris grabs at frog slight of hand 1d20+1] **
Farris: [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20)
Farris: aha!
Three: Altharid catches about two frogs with his first construct.
Altharid: (so 5 constructs for starters)
Mali: *looks for the prettiest frog inspired perception [1d20+17] => [16,17] = (33)
Farris: "Gotcha" drops it into pack
Daemon: "so… want to open up a froggy brothel?"
Farris casts guidance **
Altharid: (each construct lasts 35 seconds)
Farris: slight of hand to snatch frog [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)
Roc: (Too bad I can't use magic. Sigh…)
Three: Farris, you wade around a while, lead by "guidance." You find a rather large group of frogs sitting on a log.
Farris: "Shit!"
Farris: "hmmm"
Three: Mali, you find the prettiest female frog. She has a huge, swollen egg sack.
Altharid: (they are sharklike in apprearance and have natural swin speed)
Three: The frogs start jumping off the log Farris. Roll reflex.
Daemon: *casts sleep in a 120 foot radius of the swamp…*
Farris: [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3)
Mali: *grabs the from inspired like [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26)
Three: Altharid, they start swimming, and jumping, and chasing down these frogs. All five come back with a total of 11 frogs.
Altharid: (*appearence)
Farris: "damned froooogs!"
Daemon: ((how many frogs flat to the surface?))
Daemon: ((float?))
Altharid: (kk)
Three: ((Daemon, roll perception.))
Altharid: (so 14 in total)
Daemon: [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
Mali: *frog
Three: Mali, you grab the female frog. Her eggs are all over your fingers.
Three: Farris, you are just too slow to catch them.
Three: You see about six floating on the surface, and one asleep in a puddle of mud.
Mali: "I need a box to hold this."*grabs a belt pouch
Three: ((Yes, 14 total Altharid.))
Mali: *places in belt pouch
Roc sits back and eats one of his trail rations, which is suspiciously popcorn-like. He can't use magic, but he's getting a laugh out of everyone else trying. **
Daemon: ((only that few… was 120 foot radius man))
Altharid uses Expansion (3pp 60 min duration) and grabs the rest with his 10ft long tentacles **
Daemon: ((i mean 130))
Three: It's a big frog. Roughly the size of half a loaf of bread. It's legs hang out your belt pouch Mali.
Altharid: (4 tentacles available)
Farris: "I give up. heres a frog."
Mali: *ties a rope to the belt pouch
Mali: *tries to construct a harness
Farris sits next to Roc and begins praying silently **
Daemon: *starts gathering the frogs into empty backpack*
Three: ((Yeah, but it's a big swamp. They aren't all gathered up in one spot. xD))
Altharid: ((uses his psicrystalls mindsight to locate the frogs))
Altharid: ((*psicrystal's))
Farris: "I think squid man over there has an unfair advantage at frog catching."
Mali: *craft frog can still move harness [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19)
Daemon: *brings them back to three dropping their sleeping bodies next to him*
Three: Altharid, you find about two frogs in a 10 foot radius of you.
Daemon: "screw this give me my money
Roc gets up, walks to the edge of the marsh, and throws some popcorn out. **
Altharid: (I have 30ft radius detection btw)
Three: Mali, you get the frog in the pouch.
Three: ((oh, thought it was 10.))
Altharid continues his search **
Mali: *I want it to be able to move normally, just be on a leash
Three: ((Oh. Then it's leashed by it's leg to you.))
Three: Three gives Farris a gold coin and Daemon six.
Farris watches with interest. **
Farris hands back coin **
Mali: *stretches the leash out to 40' and moves the frog slowly through the small groups
Farris: "donate it to the poorbox at a temple"
Three: Three takes it. "I know. Watching them is worth it, isn't it?"
Daemon: *daemon gets an idea….he looks for a hawks nest nearby*
Roc: (What was the result of the popcorn throw?)
Three: Altharid, you continue moving through the swamp, grabbing froggies with your abominable tentacles.
Altharid is delighted by his efficiency **
Three: You find about ten more, before they start to get scarce.
Farris: "Part of wisdom is knowing when you are outclassed."
Altharid: (kk so 26 in total)
Daemon: ((do i find a hawks nest?)
Three: Daemon, roll perception.
Daemon: [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22)
Mali: "Awe, altharid caught all the frogs."
Roc returns, disappointed that his rations aren't yielding anything. "Yes, true." **
Three: You can find a bird's nest. You would have to roll knowledge nature to know what kind.
Roc sits back down next to Farris. **
Altharid returns with a bag full of frogs **
Farris: ((damon i bet your snake familiar kicks ass at catching frogs))
Daemon: ((doesnt matter what kind to me))
Daemon: ((it would kill them….and youd try to kill it))
Three: You find a bird's nest up in a tree.
Mali: (first climb check of teh game?)
Three: Three starts counting up the frogs. "Damn. That's impressive."
Mali: (got to see this)
Farris: ((why would i try to kill it?))
Daemon: *casts ray of frost and a bird falls down dead*
Altharid: (26 frogs)
Three: Three pays him 26 gold pieces.
Daemon: *reanimates the bird and sends it out to catch frogs*
Farris: ((isnt it smart enough to follow orders?))
Three: "You sure you don't want to try and find more.
Three: "You sure you don't want to try and find more.?"
Mali: *goes deeper into the marsh, attempting to lure frogs to the party with sexy female*
Daemon: ((yes ))
Three: The bird comes back with a frog every two or three minutes Daemon.
Daemon: ((it can also talk to me next lvl))
Farris: "I find your black arts to be disturbing Daemon."
Altharid follows Mali **
Roc: "I'll try again." Roc gets up and starts looking around the marsh edge.
Three: Roc, come up with a skill and roll it.
Daemon: *he has the bird drop them on threes head*
Mali: *stands 40' back from the leashed frog*
Three: Mali, a large frog jumps out of no where and onto your face.
Farris takes out everlasting rations **
Roc: Perception: [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
Farris starts throwing pretzels out into the water **
Three: Three catches it, and makes a tally for Daemon.
Mali: "uggh, frog attack!"
Roc looks at Farris. "Hey, that was my idea!" **
Daemon: *hey farris where did you get those unlimmitted rations?"
Farris: "here froggy froggy"
Farris: "jingles"
Three: Your soggy rations aren't turning any profits.
Altharid continues his unholy quest for frogs **
Daemon: *daemon sits back watching the rest leaned against a tree chuckling at mali*
Farris: "he is a gnome who drags a door through town. hard to miss."
Three: ((That needs to go down as one of the best quotes. "Altharid continues his unholy quest… for frogs."))
Three: ((Right up there with Balt rolling Reflex versus House))
Farris: "great minds think alike Roc"
Roc: "Yes."
Farris: "alas I think i must surrender, the frogs have bested me."
Mali: "I know this plan will work"-mali continues to use the female frog
Three: A frog comes swimming up to the rations.
Farris begins meditating **
Roc: (Mine or Farris's?)
Three: Altharid, how deep are you going into the swamp.
Farris: ((slight of hand to catch it?))
Three: ((Aren't you both at the same area as Farris's rations?))
Three: Sleight of Hand, Dex, Grapple.
Three: You can try all sorts of different things.
Daemon: ((reads spell books to replenish spell slots for the day))
Roc: Sleight of Hand: [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25)
Farris: "you can have that one kobold."
Altharid: (I kinda know the swamp… this is from where my character came to the Dragonport)
Three: Roc catches it with ease.
Altharid memorizes his way via metamorphosis **
Altharid *autohypnosis **
Altharid: (heh lol)
Three: Altharid, roll acrobatics.
Daemon: (( should help mali catch frogs…..with your tentacle))
Daemon: ((s))
Altharid: (acrobatics ?)
Altharid: (heh my weak point)
Roc returns the frog to Three. **
Three: Mali, male frogs are starting to swarm you.
Altharid: [1d20-3] => [19,-3] = (16)
Mali: "It's working!"
Three: Three takes it, and hands out a gold coin.
Mali: *does not know what to do because she hasn't thought that far ahead
Three: Altharid, you stumble, but don't face plant into the water. There was something hard in the water, but it moved when you kicked it.
Daemon: ((three so you switched it to the nobles paying 2 peices a frog?….and where are you keeping these frogs?…..))
Roc: "Okay, I got my frog. I'm happy." Roc sits back down and eats what's left of his popcorn-esque ration.
Altharid: (I should detect it via mindsight)
Altharid: (its type and int score)
Farris: "lets herd them onto dry land mali."
Three: ((It's not thinking.))
Altharid: (if it is a creature)
Altharid: (ermm animals have 2 int btw)
Altharid: (but ok)
Three: ((He has a large pack animal there.))
Three: ((I know. Whatever it is, it's not thinking.))
Altharid: (kk)
Daemon: ((but these are frogs….they would be……."hopping" mad…at getting caught))
Mali: *follows farris' advice and pulls the leash to drying ground
Altharid uses his detect undead ability… just to be sure **
Altharid and moves away from the strange object **
Daemon: ((undead still have an int score….))
Mali: (lol, 1d4 wisdom damage alth….er, wait i'm not dm)
Farris gets between the frogs and open water **
Altharid: ((I cannot detect undead via mindsight))
Daemon: ((ahh i see..carry on))
Farris starts trying to herd the frogs towards Mali and dry land. **
Three: The frogs follow like you are the piped pimpess of hamlet.
Altharid creates an astral construct to grab the object **
Three: The object isn't undead.
Daemon: *daemon finishes his research and looks up to see how many frogs his bird has caught)
Three: It's a large, blue-grey egg.
Altharid inspects a little bit… grabs it with his 10ft tentacle **
Three: In this time, the bird has caught roughly seven frogs.
Daemon: ((hahahahaha,they are horny toads……
Altharid: (I have knowledge dungeoneering and psionics if that matters)
Three: The mass marches of frogs follow you to Three. His eyes go wide. "GET THEM INTO THE BAGS!"
Three: You cannot figure out what this thing is.
Three: There are lots of things that lay eggs.
Mali: (i have big 6 and collector if you need help alth)
Three: Most would be big.
Daemon: *casts sleep on huge crowd of frogs))'
Altharid places it in his handy haversack **
Mali: (also, lore lets me always get a roll)
Altharid continues to search… but tries to not get too far away **
Farris: "Jackpot. Mali is a genius."
Three: With Daemon's help, all the massive amounts of frogs fall asleep.
Mali: "We did it…with sex…gross!"
Daemon: "i claim 1 third of that……"
Three: You collect sixty frogs total.
Three: Altharid, is your detect intelligence always on?
Daemon: "we didnt do it……..the frogs did"
Altharid: (ahh you've got the high score … arrr)
Altharid: (yes)
Altharid: (actually my psicrystal has it)
Altharid: (30 ft radius)
Mali: (i'm gonna house rule request that darkstalker beats mindsight and touchsight)
Altharid: (it detects also the creature type)
Three: ((Ahh. Only 30 feet? Nevermind.))
Daemon: *after the tenth frog daemon wistles and his bird lands on his shoulder*
Altharid: (arr please not touchsight Mali…)
Three: You wander around, Altharid, and catch about four more frogs, but they seem to be more scarce as you head deeper into the swamps.
Farris: "That bird is an abombination."
Altharid: (it is only 1minute per lvl)
Mali: (lol)
Daemon: "your face!!!!!"
Altharid returns with 4 frogs **
Mali: "Hey, I wonder if there is a monster in these swamps?"
Three: "Alright! That's good enough!"
Mali: "maybe Bertha, king of the swamp frogs"
Altharid: "Here… 4 more"
Farris: "the gods will punish your hubris"
Altharid: (brb)
Three: Three beckons you all in.
Daemon: "i hope there is a monstr in this swamp…..theres not it means theres a really nasty witch…"
Three: "Anymore, and I will have trouble transporting them.
Mali: *comes in, but releases the female frog first
Daemon: "the gods all ready punished…..your moms hubris"
Mali: "the female needs to lay eggs to propogate the species"
Farris spitd **
Roc comes in. **
Farris spits* **
Three: "Anyway, I have kept tally, and the winners are…. Daemon and Altharid!"
Three: "Both collected thirty frogs!"
Roc claps. **
Mali: "oh, I didn't know it was a contest!"
Daemon: "wheres my gold…..
Mali: "I caught 1 frog, but let it go."
Mali: "I lose."
Three: "Everything in life, particularly merchanting, is a contest!"
Three: Three pays out the following:
Daemon: "is…merchanting a word?"
Three: Daemon - Forty gold.
Roc: "It is now."
Farris: "Arm wrestling is a contest, frog catching is not."
Three: "It's actually mercantile."
Three: Altharid gets forty gold as well.
Altharid: (kk)
Three: Farris gets twenty one.
Three: Roc gets one.
Daemon: "mercantile is not a verb"
Three: Mali gets twenty.
Mali: twenty?
Farris: "Here Mali it was your idea. Take twenty."
Daemon: "just say….marketing…."
Mali: (mali didn't techincally catch any)
Roc: (One extra, or just the one I already got?)
Three: ((It's good enough for Three.))
Three: ((One you already got.))
Roc: (Ah.)
Mali: *gives her 20 to roc
Daemon: *daemon irritated starts walking away*
Three: "Should turn a decent profit when I ship them over."
Altharid: "Three… you seem to have some connections with nobles… do you know a one… who would hire… a chef ?"
Three: "Actually, I am currently looking for a chef.
Three: "Actually, I am currently looking for a chef."*
[Sat Nov 12 21:56:43 2011] : (28319)
Mali: "hey, don't you like working for griswol?"
Roc: (to Mali) "Thanks."
Altharid: (altharid has +11 profession (chef) bonus)
Altharid: "Yes I do"
Altharid: "But its a part-time job"
Altharid: "I see no problem with having… few of them"
Mali: *hands her gun to Roc. "Do you think you can use something like this?"
Daemon: *sits by the tree again and his snake curls up around his neck*
Roc: (What type of gun is it?)
Three: Three starts filling a few barrels partway with swamp water, and throwing frogs into them.
Mali: (+1 revolver 5 shot cylinder instead of 6)
Roc: (Sure, I'll take it.)
Three: "Like I said, I was intending this to be a job for kids. Glad it wasn't. They wouldn't have gotten me half of this."
Mali: "well, when I see you, just let me know you are gonna borrow it."
Three: "Plus, I would have had to go out into the swamp myself. Make sure nothing ate them."
Farris: "you should put your skills to use in one of the temple soup kitchens Altharid."
Daemon: 'you welcome….."(sarcastic)
Mali: (i can't give it to you, but you can use it when we are in the same game)
Three: "Anyone find anything interesting in the swamp?"
Roc: "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind."
Daemon: *tells his bird to go poop on farris*
Mali: "Baltasar malich enchanted it."
Altharid: "Yes I have… it may be… valuble… or not"
Altharid grabs the egg from his handy haversack **
Three: "You find one of those legendary cities of gol…. Let me see that…"
Mali: "tell him Mali sent ya."
Farris grumbles about turning the other cheek. **
Roc: (Actually, I have Rapid Reload Pistol, so I suppose I could reload it while you (Mali) use another weapon.)
Roc: "Thanks."
Altharid lets Three take a loot at it… and keeps focusing on him in case he would try to escape **
Daemon: *daemons bird then poops a second time on his other should*
Altharid: (maybe some other guys could make some knowledge checks about this egg)
Daemon: ((alth whats your alignment?))
Altharid: (nature… or whatever)
Altharid: ((LE))
Mali: (did you show it to us?)
Three: Three looks it over. "I'll give you 2,500 gold for it."
Altharid: ((yes))
Farris: ((i have knowledge arcana.))
Mali: (kk)
Farris: ((if that helps))
Daemon: ((knowledge of the planes….))
Daemon: [1d20+11] => [5,11] = (16)
Three: ((Knowledge Arcana))
Mali: (knowledge dm makes up [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23))
Daemon: [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
Altharid asks Mali telepathically - "What is it ?" **
Mali: oh, in that case
Mali: add 40
Daemon: (9the second one was knowlege arcana))
Mali: i mean i got a 40
Three: ((Add 40?! How do you do that?))
Mali: 45, sorry
Farris: knowledge arcana [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
Daemon: ((bullshit…..))
Mali: (collector of stories, inspired, and i rolled high)
Three: ((Okay. 40 is different from adding forty.))
Daemon: ((knowledge arcana [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)))
Three: Anyone who got over a twenty can recognize what Three did. It's a dragon's egg.
Altharid: ((she's a skill monke…. asian chick anyway))
Farris: "Dragons egg."
Mali: 18+5+12+4=39, sorry was off
Altharid: "….2500 gp you say"
Mali: forgot to subract int out again
Daemon: *daemon stands and walks over to them to see the egg he recognizes))
Altharid thinks a little bit **
Daemon: ((shouldnt it be bigger?))
Three: ((It is big.))
Mali: (my character would probably just know that anyway)
Three: ((Big enough Alth tripped over it.))
Altharid: "I think that I can earn more…. at one certain place"
Mali: (what kind of dragon?)
Mali: (i rolled 39, which is really good)
Three: ((It's a swamp. Likely black.))
Altharid asks Mali telepathically "Would your father take that dragon egg ?" **
Daemon: ((yay…its my alignment))
Farris: "That egg is going to be nothing but trouble, mark my words."
Mali: *recalls that there was a black dragon in another swamp
Mali: "hey, altharid, remember the goblins with claws?"
Altharid: "How could I forget… these weaklings"
Farris: "ugh those guys."
Altharid: *those
Mali: "That swamp had a black dragon too."
Farris: "they nearly punched my ticket"
Daemon: *pretends to remember and mumbles…yeah*
Mali: "maybe we should leave it here. in case it's mommy gets upset."
Daemon: "wait………if thats a dragon egg…….where mother?"
Altharid: "Maybe we should take it to your ancestor…"
Mali: "Doing black dragon stuff…enslaving kobolds, finding loot…etc"
Daemon: "i agree we should leave it here"
Mali: "What would Baby Cakes want with it?"
Mali: "he'd probably just try to play with it."
Altharid: "Its also a dragon… "
Mali: "And dad would want to study it."
Farris: "It pains me to say this but if it is a black dragon's egg we should destroy it."
Three: ((Mali, you know that Black Dragon's lay their eggs at the father's lair, not the mothers.))
Farris: "It is a menace."
Mali: "yeah, but…hmm..I think sidhe would get upset if I took it to her house."
Mali: (k, then she said daddy)
Daemon: "give it a chance it hasnt done anything yet….let it hatch….then kill it…"
Mali: "I really don't want to go back to the library."
Mali: "Why kill it?"
Altharid: "I can take it there"
Three: Three continues to look it over. "I am not so sure it… well… 'valid' anymore."
Farris: "it is cursed to a life of depravity. It would be a mercy to destroy it."
Mali: "Be my guest then…but I think we should leave it here."
Daemon: "so i can bring it back of course…."
Altharid wonders… **
Farris: "I will follow your intructions Mali. You know more than I."
Mali: "Raise it as undead?"
Altharid: "I shall keep it for a while then"
Daemon: "indead….*evil smile*
Altharid: "Until I decide what to do with it… "
Mali: "or, kill it and true ressuct it?"
Farris: "You will do no such thing."
Mali: "Hmm, I don't think you want to cross a black dragon…even a wurmling"
Daemon: "i would do nothing of the sort"
Altharid: "It is not like it is going to hatch in day or so"
Farris: "Altharid found it. He gets the final say."
Three: "Like I said, I don't think it will hatch at all."
Mali: "Yeah, just no killing it"
Mali: "Oh, it's not fertilized?"
Daemon: "why not at all?:
Farris: "Fine. The idea is distasteful to me anyway."
Altharid: "Even then… I feel confident enough to handle… "a wurmling" if that matters "
Daemon: *undead bird perches on farrises head*
Mali: "Even I can't tell if it's alive or dead."
Mali: *knocks on egg
Roc: (Have the bird poop!)
Farris: "Get your fucking bird away from me before I spear it."
Three: The shell chips a little bit.
Daemon: ((i already did twice))
Three: "The shell is pretty thin."
Altharid: "Stop it… Mali"
ali: "oh no, it's just a shell"
Roc: (Oh, right.)
Altharid: "It will lose its value"
Daemon: "go ahead….i dont care….ill just bring it back "
Mali: "who would buy a dragon egg shell?"
Three: "It's more what that means."
Roc: "Maybe they taste good, I don't know."
Mali: "do you think there is a baby dragon around here somewhere?"
Daemon: *the bird pecks once at farris forhead…not hard just an annoying poke*
Mali: "maybe it hatched already"
Three: "No, this egg never hatched. It was invalid since it was laid. But that could mean it's father lives nearby."
Farris turns undead **
Three: ((It's a whole egg. It's not cracked. It's just the shell is thin. Not as hard as a dragon's egg should be.))
Mali: "Oh, maybe we should tell him we are sorry."
Daemon: *the bird bursts peices fall on farris*
Mali: "for his loss"
Altharid: "I have not … wrestled a dragon.. . yet"
Farris: "Fuck."
Daemon: "ahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!"
Three: "What I don't get is, wouldn't everyone already know if there was a Black Dragon this close to town?"
Mali: "yeah, 2 black dragons no less."
Roc: "Maybe the only witnesses are dead."
Daemon:"unless someone smart is pulling its leash"
Mali: "a mated pair"
Mali: "Do we want to try to find this dragon?"
Daemon: "and…not nessasarilly……they can walk as human you know….they are jsut as smart as us
Mali: "And talk to it about life and stuff?"
Altharid: ((OOC: not all dragons can Daemon))
Mali: ((it's mostly the metallics)
Daemon: ((most can))
Daemon: ((i thought it was all…)
Three: "I don't know. As I said, I would like to take the egg and study it. It might just be a really old invalid egg."
Altharid: ((ermm Silver, Gold, and few mettalics
, the other have to use spells))
Daemon: ((no because ive had evil…dragons in human form before…and those are the solids))
Altharid: "Ok so 2500gp ?"
Mali: "hmm, study a dragon egg? What knowledge could be gleamed from it?"
Three: "Yeah. 2500gp."
Altharid: "Can you or your father beat this offer… Mali ?"
Daemon: ((its silver gold bronze….saphire ruby emerald… red blue
Mali: *wants to console the black dragon about losing eggs
Daemon: ((mainly those…one for each alignment))
Daemon: *wants an undead dragon pet))
Mali: "I don't know that Altharid….we are no longer on speaking terms"
Mali: "He doesn't like….strong guys."
Altharid: "… then you have a deal … Three"
Three: Three pays out the 2500 gold pieces.
Daemon: "hey farris you have something right there…..*he points at his own nose*
No Name (exit): 22:21
Daemon: "i think its an eye"
Farris grumbles **
Mali: "why are you picking on farris?"
Mali: "look at him. he's althetic and cute."
Roc: "Because he dislikes undead."
Daemon: "im not…..really…..but he did kill my dead bird…"
Mali: "A true kordian."
Farris: "Keep it up if you want to spend a few days in a magic circle against evil."
Daemon: "who ever said im evil………im neutral…"(lie)
Roc: (at Mali) "Thanks again. I need to remember to do something for you sometime." Roc runs off.
Farris: "Sure necromancer."
Three: ((700 exp, 500gp each, and the individual rewards from the frog contest: Roc - 21, Farris - 21, Altharid - 30, Daemon - 30))
Three: ((Altharid and daemon were given an extra 10 each for catching the most.))
Farris: "until we meet again elf."
Mali: *walks back to dragonport with altharid and farris
Daemon: *animates one of the dead frogs and it chases after farris jumping onto hsi head*
Three: The frog stares at all of you. It's eyes glow red. You hear satanic music in the background. It then disobeys Daemon, and runs off into the swamp!

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