Forbidden Lair


A mysterious location… appearing to be a sort of cave filled with intensively-radiating deep crystals….of highly uncommon crimson-red color. Bloodlust, anger, spite, malice…and similar imprints fill and tend to overwhelm most of those who (unluckily) somehow manage to end up here.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Crimson Trials 04-19-2012 Amaterasu used a gate-way inside the lair to reach her Sigil residence.
2 The First Step 05-11-2012 Be it a coincidence or not…but one way or another Aegis discovered one of the hidden gateways leading to the location, apparently it is of the 'one-way' variety. Inside she confronted and subsequently obliterated a small tribe of crystalline trolls…while also meeting the lairs most powerful inhabitant
3 The Tears from Beyond 05-28-2012 Used by Amaterasu to warp the party to the Halls of Blood.
4 Mysterious Gift and Revisit 12-16-2012 Ophelia St. Laraine was sucked into a similar realm (?) when trying to mess with the Dreamer's Memento.
5 Bloodiness Unveiled (part2) 12-21-2012 Raital was warped there by The Bloodhaired One from Vermillion Charade.
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