Fluffmodeus Rex

Player: [The_Many
Race: Tibbit
Class: Psion(Telepath) 5 / (PF) Thrallherd 1
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Appearance: See picture above, but now his fur is made of gold and there are two small bracelets around his front legs. Around his neck is, for those in the know, a friendly seeming psicrystal acting as a collar; using the limbs it would normally use for self-propulsion to wrap around his neck to hold it on.

Mother didn't raise any fools. He knows what he wants… POWER. Political, personal, economic it doesn't matter. He'll play with the people underneath him like he did with mice when he was a kitten. Their suffering amuses him, but he loves attention and power more; thus he actually seems like quite the nice creature with his good deeds and care for the welfare of those who look to him… Really it's just the easiest way to get others to continue to support him. Not evil for evil's sake, he just doesn't care for others unless it impacts him in some way or would detract from his resources. His mood can be mercurial as well, usually lazy but sometimes driven to some goal even he may be hard pressed to explain. But this all should not come as a surprise to anyone… he's a cat after all.

Leaving home he was swept up with a party of adventurers, thinking they would prove to be a stepping stone to greatness. They thought him a simple young cat and kept him as a pet. Biding his time, always ready to kill them in their sleep if they got too close to his secrets, he didn't realize they were more idiotic than he thought, for they had brought him to the lands near Dragonport and into the sky (where no non-flying cat should be) where they followed a lead to the Floating Library… then forgot him. Stranded in the library with no way off, for as high-traffic as it was no one wanted to accidentally steal the librarian's cat, he fed on mice and rats and spent much time reading, expanding his mind and the latent talent that already existed in him (Hidden Talent, bringing him to Psion). It was a soothing place… until that moron "Ra-Men" showed up. Seriously? Flamboyant overtures to take over the world? That's just going to bring all the would-be heroes running.

Knowing nothing good could come of that sort of idiocy, and realizing that a big floating Library in the sky that everyone loves is a huge freaking target for someone prone to grand-sweeping gestures, he took the risk and "Convinced" one of the library patrons' servants to take him as they evacuated. However at that moment when leaving the Library (through use of an untested teleportation magic on the behalf the patron) and any remaining inhabitants were banished to Cat Lord knows where causing mayhem with the spell being used, catapulting (cat-apulting, get it?) the trio forward in time (past the time skip).

Drub's Travelling Globe will likely never catch on now. Whether it was a flaw in the spell (untested after all) or due to the interference of the banishment or something else doesn't really matter. For when they re-materialized the globe had shrunk from it's original size which sadly removed the lower legs and upper torsos of both Drub and his servant. Leaving a housecat and the two mysterious corpses in the middle of the street just down the way for Swampside.

Feeling full of feline self-satisfaction the feline cleaned the human gore off his paws and took stock of the situation. After taking his rightful due from the coinpurses of the dead men he did some quick reconnaissance. Since then he has been in deep-cover getting a coveted (among city cats) spot at Nanny Grow's place. It's a secure sleeping place and plenty of food, but recently he's been feeling the urge to once again work on gathering power.

Luckily food has not been an issue, there's always food for cats. ESPECIALLY if they have humanoid intelligence.


Having found it advantageous, the golden-furred feline lives in and around the Tabernacle Tavern, working for food and sleeping space as a curiosity to attract customers.


Kedric the Maker (Thrall) - Artificer lvl 5

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 6/14/13 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 06/14/13 0 -1sp Sling and 10 sling bullets
3 Enter the Djinn 07/14/13 2000 + 4800 Golden Fur (200gp) Hate that crazy ghost chick, freaking blue guys and dragons… Freaking NUTS!
4 Djinn pt 2 07/16/13 2000 + 2000 Stone Amulet Great… the blue guy throws us in a hole in the ground with a "try to survive" goal. What the hell is this guy? Stone monsters and dead bodies and forgotten dungeons.
5 Djinn pt 3 07/21/13 6000 ++ 5000 Sweet cream and sunbeams! What the HELL was that giant multi-headed monstrosity? Luckily the lesser beings with me are a hardy lot and destroyed it. But really… this was quite an undignified excursion for a feline as gentlemanly as I.
6 Tavern RP 07/31/13 375 0 Met with the big red bird. Was admired (as is right) and then left to be bored until someone else shows up. Chatlog + 1/2hr duration + Summary + Tavern update
7 Buying 08/03/2013 0 -4000gp Bracelet of Charisma (+2) Exactly as Cloak of Charisma (+2) but of a different body slot.
8 Tavern Raid 08/13/13 2500xp 0gp Rex is trapped in the tavern when the zombies attack! He helps best he can unobtrusively then runs for it. Surviving quite handily.
9 Deep Pit 3 08/18/13 2000xp Waking up in a strange locale on their way to destroy the bandits, Rex helps to kill a demon bitch who tries to trick the group.
10 Wiki-work 08/21/13 500xp + 468.5gp Created pages: Delver's Dungeon location and the Dragonport Society Of Dungeon Delvers Organization; this levels him to lvl6 giving him 468.5gp.
11 Tavern 10/24/13 375
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