Fey Mound Lake

A quasi-legendary location being a site of many fairy-tales (the irony) as well as more serious works of fiction (including the legendary epic written by Donacious, the Great. According to the legends the deep forest surrounding the premises of Elric's Bay was one of the few passages leading into the fey-inhabited site.



# Adventure Date Actions
1 A double-edged... deal (part4) 05/17/2013
2 Inbetween: Part 1 07/30/2013 Mentioned in a journal found by the looters… er… Salvage party. May lead to clues to what happened to Elric's Bay.
3 'Verdant Quest' 09-13-2013/12-03-2013 Daikaji left Elric's Bay to find an oracle of great power within the fey-filled site. She finally reached it but not without some minor adventures on her way.
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