Race: Dwarf
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: A dwarvish information broker of quite respectable reputation it seems, a rare trait for his profession.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Shades and Shackles Pt. 1 10-08-2012 The party pretty much met at his establishment and was provided, to their surprise, with free intel. There was… a catch however. The dwarf demanded to be reported on the would-be results of their investigation. For reasons yet to be determined the broker appears to be quite fond of messing with his clients if only through a quite torment-happy employer of his. Darn beraucracy.
2 Shades and Shackles Pt. 2 10-15-2012 Conrad and Silon revisited the dwarf and reported what they learned (or rather were eager to reveal as Falgad was deemed by them far from being trustworthy).
3 Days of our Lives 12-11-12 Falgad gave some information to ease the worries of a ditzy woman, who was Charlina in disguise and was given a 'clue' to investigate from Karma, which he intends to let other people do for him like a good detective.
4 Veil Beyond the Shadows Pt. 3 12-11-12 Falgad had the party investigate the 'Clue' that Karma had given him.
5 Shades and Shackles Pt. 3 12-13-12 Falgad gave Karma a lead on Syrius that he had gotten ahold of some time ago during an auction of items found during the re-purposing of Mali's old guild hall, which Syrius was once a part of. The scroll in question held an illusionary 3-D blueprint of Dragonport. Using this they found a nearby 'hide-away' and discovered the secret Demi-Plane of Illusions.
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