Race: Bone Creature Human (?)
Class: Wizard (???)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: A mysterious, shadowy figure whose agenda remains mostly unclear albeit few things were gathered so far: Fade/Memento himself appears to be versed in both necromancy and illusion and must have 'awakened' only recently, missing Ra-Men's final moments and rise to his peek of power altogether due to such. The villain set his (temporary ?) power base in the dungeon placed beneath an old temple.

College of Necromancy, ages ago (?)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Into the Dead Zone (Part2) 11/29/2013 Mentioned by the looters who were coerced/mind-bended by the party and Karma into revealing such information.
2 Fading Away 11/30/2013 The party infiltrated/stormed his lair, encountering numerous skeletal undead on their way towards his sanctum.
3 Fading Away (Part 2) 12/05/2013 Confronted by the party… though the encounter with the ever-elusive arcanist proved non-conclusive… entering a stalemate which in the long run proved to pose great danger to the team.
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