Executioner's Sword

Executioner’s Sword
Although not very practical for combat, the executioner’s sword has a long tradition of service; it is used to execute criminals by beheading. These blades are never used for anything but executions by their proper wielders, although others have taken to using an executioner’s sword for more mundane purposes. Using an executioner’s sword in combat incurs a –4 penalty to attack (cumulative with the penalty for not being proficient with the weapon, if applicable) due to its strange balance. Executioner’s swords are balanced for chopping from an overhand position, rather than complicated combat manoeuvres. Anyone with the Martial Weapon Proficiency and a Strength score of at least 14 who takes an Exotic Weapon Proficiency in this weapon ignores the –4 penalty for using it.
Executioner’s Sword: Large Martial Weapon; 75 gp; Dmg 1d12; Critical x4; Range –; 18 lb.; Slashing.

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