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Player: Nalei
Race: Dyrad
Class: Sorceror (boreal) 9
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Varies on season from blooming flowers in lust green hair with rich tanned skin, to crackly leaves in in deep red/brown hair as well as tanned, to snow white hair with pale pure skin.

Personality: Is rather shy but can't help but poke something that she does not know how it works.

Background: Taking old parts of her livewood tree she has worked them into objects that she carrys on her person. Allowing her to expore the world and protect more then just her forest and more of her own forest.

Membership: None

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation note the date the character was made 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -60 Heavy crossbow x100 bolts
3 Disrupt the Onyx trade! 4/8/12 3600 0 - Rode a ride…got knock out a window…also died, End the end did a total of nothing never got an action in combat. Summing it up…never riding the train again.
4 Crew vs college 1 4/9/12 1500 1000 - Spoke shortly with the conductorer, and enjoyed a conversation with Woo while the crew did what ever they did.
5 Natantis Turris 4/11/2012 916 1003 - -- Was hired to go to a floating tower and deal wth air pirates, and cleared the frist room of them.
6 Runaway Lightning Coach! 4/12/12 1886 1886 - - Was thrown onto a runaway lightning rail to beat up robots and throw bombs off the train.
7 The Vorloi Coup D'etat 4/11/12 3000 3460 -- Dragonport kicked the crew out, went grilling with light afterwards! Then just jumped by a bunch of assassiany people and entangled them!
8 Tabernacle Stooge 4/13/12 1250 1250 8000 gold work of magic items. (ring of wizardy 1 , headband of Cha +2,Bracers of armor +2 -14000 gold) - Was summoned to Thoghorn, was refrenced to being the daughter of sunlight and given back her lost items.
9 Pull the Bull's Tail 1 4/12/12 1717 1717 - - Encountered some strange goblins on the road that would shatter when they died, entangled the crap out of them.
10 Pull the Bull's Tail 2 4/13/12 2513 2513 - - Found mroe goblins and a massive mirror. Was sad she diddnt get to play with the mirror at all.
11 Tabernacle RP 1 4/14/12 1500 1500 - - Meet up with Light at a tavern and confronted a corwrdly noble, after a few threats he said she should go to the emerald island to meet someone about her sisters.
12 Find The Crew! 4/14/12 2000 2000 - After making it the dragonsport and getting a boat to the Isles She meets a dwarf who shows her to an entire groves of dyards that needs her to look after them. Ethial's Grove Also finding a strange oak that allows her to teleport from any oak to it then back to the oak.
13 Empty Mansion? 4/15/2 3360 4000 -- Zapped some creepy paper doll and faught shadows in some old run down mansion!
14 Logging Flogging 4/16/12 4000 4000 - - Beat up some logging machines. Dirty machines!
15 Emerald Corruption 4/16/12 4600 3900 -- - Beat a currpted dyrad in a duel with the clever use of a spell, and then nuked some ogres. Also became the marton of another grove of dyrad's.
16 Attack of the Circurum 05/14/2012 18500 20000 bought headband of cha +6 -36k sold headband of cha +2 +2k - Was nearly blow up in the very fris few seconds there, shequickly retreated into a tree and watched the rest of the fight.
17 Arcane Power?! 05/14/2012 6450 13600 - - Stopped al ogging grou pof goblinoids, dropped one into a pit of acid then rolled an ogre trapped inside a ball of water into the pit of acid as well.
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