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Race: Young, Magic-blooded, Half-Fey, Advanced Changeling
Class: Seer 21
Alignment: Neutral

Description: An alluring thrall which literally budded from Aegis' gooey form after a Crimson Orb entered it. Ditzy, unfocused but some claim that it only adds to her appeal. It appears that the being inherited numerous imprints both from her 'mother' and what…she incorporated into her form up to that moment… to the point of exhibiting an alter ego (called 'Lillanda') with much less innocent personality.

Aegis, her mistress (thrallherd)
Lillanda, fellow 'thrall'


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Evil Oozey Business 06-11-2012 Budded from her mistress… who found her too cute to resist…>_>
2 Evil Oozey Business (Part 2) 06-17-2012 Helped her mistress with appeasing her curiosity…as far as information connected to the previous owners of The Soul Blade was concerned.
3 Fulfilling...Oozey Business (>_>) 07-20-2012 Ether has a surprise for Aegis……….and so does nearly everyone else
4 Scaly Goo 07-25-2012 Got scared gooeyless by a bit too playful Nina. Harassed to the point where she opted to stay …safely engulfed by Aegis. Appeared to be very possessive as far as her gooey master is concerned.
5 Bloodiness... unveiled 08-19-2012 Unfused from her master following the events of Ra-men's defeat… the immediately warped somewhere due to her … condition.
6 The Seeds of Conflict 2 08-26-2012 Provided intel on the current situation within the Nine -Hells.
7 Cursed... blessings (???) 10-04-2012 Was enamored by her mistress' recent 'find'.
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