Eternal Wands R Us


Eternal Wands R Us is Arashi Taikou's third business venture in Dragonport Countryside. The store specializes in Wands and Eternal Wands.


Name Type Source Bonus
Town dmg 2 0
High Risk dmg 2 -4
Low Resource dmg 2 1
Investment dmg 2 3
Cost of doing Business dmg 2 -25
Divine Insight insight SpC 15
Universal Aptitude untyped ToM 5
Share Talents (12 Specialists and Familiar) untyped phb 2 26
Guidance of the Avatar competence online 20
item of profession (mundane) circumstance custom 2
Ray of Hope moral SpC 2
Ranks phb 1
Trained phb 3
Inspired DuS 12
Stat Mod phb 12
Familiar Aids phb 3
Take 10 dmg2 10
Specialists Aid dmg2 36 -1140gp
Masochism luck BoVD 11
Total Skill 133
Business Modifier dmg2 50
Profit 5510gp
Cost Per Business dmg2 11000gp
Maximum Area Profit dmg 750000gp
Current Profits


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Business is founded 5-31-2012 founded the business on counter day 1.
2 Profits 6-9-2012 Makes 5510gp which immediately gets invested in Staffs R Us.
3 Profits 6-19-2012 +5510gp
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