The closed arc in which Estoc participated was scratched by the DM. Woo allowed me to transfer his XP to Sami.


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Player: Duralan
Race: Magic-Blooded Human
Class: Binder 2
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Estoc's true form is rarely seen because of his soulbinding abilities … which make him either invisible or capable of changing his appearance at will. Supposing that for some reasons he would chose to abstain from their use then he would look like your typical noble scion in his early 20s, regal, handsome and of agile build.

Personality: In spite of being an outcast, exile Sigmund (Estoc's real name) manages to keep cheerful and at the same time sly demeanor… due to his confidence and belief that sooner or later the current state of affairs will change for the better - in other words he's a careful but still optimist.

Background: Sigmund was born as the youngest son of the house patriarch. As the years passed by he became more and more favored in the eyes of his father to the point where his numerous siblings started to resent him.
Before any feuds could arise, however, the house was deprived of its status and disbanded by the royal edict after a supposed assassin (who later confessed that he was hired by the d' Grimmoirs) was caught red-handed trying to slay the monarch. In spite of it being an obvious case of the house being scape-goated … the order was executed to the letter.
All other house members left…safe for Sigmund who became later known as 'Estoc' for his adversaries (and the common folk), mainly the kindom's corrupted officials and others who remained in power. Making a name for himself, reclaiming the rights of his house and maybe even the crown itself - these are the man's goals, and only death can stop him from achieving it.

Membership: House D' Grimmoir

Quotes: "…"

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 02-23-2012 0 900 (via trait) Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 02-23-2012 -862 MW Dastana, MW Chahair-ana, MW chain-shirt, MW Light crossbow, 40 crossbow bolts, masterwork short sword, MW tool of Bluff
3 E6: Prequel 02-23-2012 300 ??? ??? ??? Met a...talking turtle and a minotaur-blooded man…they can be useful, especially the latter. My silver tongue saved us from those…ha…women.
4 E6: The Siege 03-01-2012 1000 ??? ??? ??? Succeeded at the first step of infiltration of one d'Fluerne mansions.
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