Erndiis "Quickdraw" Dakian

Drow Form:

Half-Fiend Form

"Nobody's bullet proof…"

Character sheet
Player: DakkalordG
Race: Vampire Half-Fiend Drow
Class: Gunslinger 12
Alignment: The Alignment Chart committed suicide (CN for Arguments sakes)

Appearance: Most drow are good-looking, and Quickdraw is no exception. He has Snow white Hair tied up in a ponytail, bright purple eyes, and very angular facial features. He is very well built, quite abnormal for a drow, who are usually slender and toned. He wears a military uniform which hides his scarred upper body. His uniform is only well kept in times of importance, but usually they are covered in blood/alcohol/salt water, depending. One scar he can't hide is the one in the area around the jugular, when he was defeated in a 'parley' to a vampire. His wings are usually tucked in under his uniform, as not to arouse suspicion in more 'devout' regions, but his Obsidian black wings with a red bone structure is something to behold when abreast.

Personality: Quickdraw is quiet and cold, only really becoming a shred of his former self when in the presence of his Crew members or friends. He is not quick to anger unless his pride is attacked, or his family is endangered. His demeanor is one of professionalism, which startles most who cross his path, as they feel he's already calculated fifteen ways to kill them. While he can be aggressive & boisterous at times, he is always acts calm & controlled while in the presence of Raital

Background: Erndiis “Quickdraw” Dakian is a Drow Elf fathered by Errtu, one of the higher daemon princes of the Abyss, being fathered by such a powerful daemon has left Quickdraw with a pair of powerful, yet easily concealed Wings that can bear him in flight. Even with such a powerful and malicious father Quickdraw was brought up by his foster father in the Drow capital of Menzoberranzan. Here he found he was competent with most weapons but didn't excel with any. “The famous Drizzt Do’Urden would be able to cut him down with two swings” is what his foster father used to say “but there is still something there that even I fail to see.”
After killing a daughter of the first house of Menzoberranzan in self defense, Quickdraw fled to the surface world and found his way down to Luskan, were he heard of a drow elf known only as Jarlaxle. Quickdraw had heard stories of Jarlaxle and his extraordinary feats, and he decided to find Jarlaxle and ask for aid from the hunters who were now chasing him. When he found Jarlaxle in a run down bar in Baldurs Gate, Jarlaxle seemed to recognize him immediately. "We have a criminal in our midst, killing a Female in cold blood, tut tut…but I know why your here, you want safety, I can give you safety, for a price." Quickdraw agreed to this without question and within a blink of an eye Quickdraw was somewhere far different from the rundown bar in Baldurs gate, on a small table in front of him, he spied a Note, and under it, two strange objects. The note was from Jarlaxle and it read:

“To my greatest assassin, I have given you safety, for now, but now you have that price to pay. On the table are two Weapons known as 'Revolvers', quite simple to use really, point them at someone you don't like, and pull the trigger. Now onto my price, you keep the city of 'Dragonport' safe through any means necessary. Over the next few centuries the city will be assailed by anything & everything, and you need to be there to protect it. You can return once your price is paid without fear of Baenre hunting you down, I will make sure of that.
Until next we meet.

Since that day over 50 years ago, Quickdraw has built himself a life in the Black Marches. He has married (briefly) , died, twice, raised a 'totally well adjusted Svirfneblin' , and rose through the ranks to become Admiral of The Fighting 54th , but alas, Jarlaxle was correct in his assumption, and a vile horde of undead swept through the streets of Dragonport, and to protect that which he was bound to, and also which he had grown to love, Quickdraw signed a contract selling his soul to Raital in exchange for the protection of Dragonport.

The Fluff Bits:

Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive

Admiral of The Fighting 54th
Servant of Raital Latral

NPC Appearances:

# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Nature of my Game. (Part 2) 03-08-13 Ordered the party to collect an Artefact off a Marsh Giant
2 The Nature of my Game. (Part 3 : Famine) 15-03-13 The party warned him about what Count Schill said

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 10/20/12 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 10-20-2012 0 Studded Leather, Masterwork Stealth Tool, 8x quickloading cylinder, 250 ammo rounds
3 Pharmakon (part2) 10-20-2012 +2050 - 12 ammo rounds Sometimes you just have the urge to kill a certain person, and for me today it was a Scraggly Dwarf called Gonvirn. What I thought was a simple bodyguard mission for a bit of pay turned into a fucking goose chase. First I ran into a load of idiots with a Magic Mutt, and one damn fine Fox Lady (I need to bang her at some point.) Then we were rushed into some warehouse to avoid some Gang of some sort (Nothing with the power of house Baenre of course.) Then a titan came out of fucking nowhere! Then we ended up on a getaway though some old tunnels, were we found a massive Ettin, and a pair of ogres waiting for The Airhead with the 1000 gold staff. After totalling them 3 we…
4 Pharmakon (part3) 10-21-2012 +1650 - 24 ammo rounds …were caught in a cave in that split the party. Myself, The Tree, the Mutt, and the Isaac guy continued on deeper into the dwarven ruins and found a few statues of Moradin, the dwarven god of…Drinking probably. We found some weird ass fire spirit (who was relatively good looking, must make that list of elementals I must bang soon.) Who seemed to take a liking to Isaacs Symbol he picked up. We only advanced a bit further before coming to some unstable flooring…From here me and the Yahoos descended into a literal forge surrounding us. Me being of Abyssal descent didn't phase me at all, I can't say the same for Frosty the Wonder Mutt and the Tree. A minute or so later the Airhead Fox came barreling in through a portal. This disturbed the crystals and released 3 fire elementals. It didn't take long to beat down the sparks before a massive Corrupted fire spirit decided to mess up our day. After the Airhead Fox turned it into a Frog (really need to be careful with that one, might shrink my dick if i'm not careful…) we looted it and carried on deeper into the ruins…
5 Pharmakon (part4) 10-26-2012 +1375 - 13 ammo rounds So this was pretty uneventful, other than for the fucking Mordakaiser goons that surrounded us, turns out they were otherworlders… Didn't know they were that fucking ugly. After beating them down I didn't really pay attention after that…Something about the Black Lions… I fucking hate you Jarlaxle…
6 Arc participation bonus 11-02-2012 +500 +5000gp - -
7 Character downtime: buying 11-02-2012 0 -4750 Cloak of Protection +1, +1 Revolver, Masterwork Chain Shirt, MW Dastana, Mw Chahair-Ana
8 Guns and... (???) (part1) 11-05-2012 +1351 +1989gp - 13 ammo rounds What I thought was gonna be a colossal Booze Cruise for Beer and Pussy turned into another "Adventure with the Wackos". Seriously, all of the numbskulls that I traipsed through that Dwarven shithole were all back on this train. Then things started to go tits up again…
9 Character downtime: buying and selling 11-09-2012 0 -1957,5gp Gloves of Dexterity +1, Armor Enchanted to +1 Studded Leather, Mundane Revolver
10 Guns and... (???) (part2) 11-09-2012 +4373 +7416gp - 23 ammo rounds More of them Mordekaiser shitheads showed up to try and ruin out day, soon after we totalled them we stopped the train… Fun Fucking Times…
11 Secret Wars 12-09-2012 +5000 ~~~ - ??? Well it just ends up with one crazy ass adventure after another doesn't it… This one was slightly better than the others for 3 reasons : A. I didn't waste any ammo. B. I actually got to do this in the dreamworld so even though my consciousness was a million miles away , my body got to stay in the tavern with the three elf broads I picked up the night before. And C. Fuck me or are half dragons getting sexier! Even though myself and Frosty got facepummled by Psykers, I met up with this Kinky Domanatrix known as Charlinia… Good times…
12 Character downtime: buying 12-12-2012 0 -5k Gloves of Dexterity +1 Gloves of the Balanced Hands and Dexterity +1, Another +1 Revolver. Retain-essenced and bought at Baltasar Malich's place.
13 Another Dream World 16-12-2012 17k 0 Singed Top Hat, Really Sore Balls I think i've just found the true meaning of agony… So there I was back in the dreamworld, with Charlina and some vampire chick. Things were going fine until the Horny Bitch decided to fuck up a fear spell landing it on me, making me think Baenre had found me! After that wore off I was really pissed so I blew some bitches head off. That didn't go to well when Charlina decided to use a fucking whip to grab little Quicky ad started dragging me along until we found a chest that talked, there was a close call when he tried to marry me and this crazy bitch.After that she grabbed little quicky too tight and knocked me me out…I really need to stop chasing the crazy bitches
14 Excavation (Epilogue) 18-12-2012 1850 0 +1 Collision revolver rounds (100) (1) Collision Revolver Round
15 Another Dream world part 2 20-12-2012 12k 0 Mericfull +1 large sword, Third Eye Dampening, Blindfold of true darkness
16 Gunslinger's Day off 30-12-2012 900 0 Raw Abbysal materials , Talking Belt
17 Hired Ethics Part 2 3-1-2013 1200 0 +1 Adamantine Roctrap Brand Rifle
18 Doomcape Exploration Part 4 13-2-2013 8214 10236
19 Doomcape Explaration (Dantern siege, Part 6) 3-9-13 2000 0 - -
20 Scaly Temple 4-2-2013 1500 0 Ring of Evasion - Hydra horrors…
21 Wraith Town. (Part 1) 4-13-13 2100 4000 - - Kicked a bunch of Wraith Ass
22 Character Downtime : Buying 4-22-13 -2650 Pirates Eyepatch, 2 Pistols. -
23 Elementary Plots 5-18-13 - - - - Playing the political game with the others whom I have grown accustomed to bumping into out of the blue… Nuffle certainly rigs his dice when it comes to us. Other than that I have acquired a Planes-jumping ship in which I will ferry my friends & crewmen to Thantanos, the home of Orcus…
24 Unconventional Interrogation (part1) 06/15/13 8100 0 - - Mind probing a half fiend…fun…
25 Unconventional Interrogation (part2) 6/16/13 7560 0 - - Yeah! Yeah! Dude looks like a lady!
26 Deposit Investigation (part 1) 11/7/13 16,536 0 +2 Holy Revolver - A new mission… And a New Gun.
27 Green Shore 22/7/13 9750 0 - - Had to fight a bunch of Orks whom I actually find quite interesting…
28 Deposit Investigation (part3) 24/7/2013 8217 0 - - Came back from a scouting mission to find the Vampire bitch had been Slutified… After making a few controversial remarks, she attempted to kill me but failed…miserably.
29 Pay Day. 18/9/13 40k
30 State of the Game. 9/2/14 Vampairism, 2 as of yet unseen Revolvers. +2 Holy Revolver, His Soul Quickdraw made a deal with Raital to become her eternal servant under the terms that she doesn't harm Dragonport in her upcoming 'liberation' of the city. Since then has had to give his 'Bastard' (+2 Holy Revolver) to his sister Jinx, and is soon to receive a pair of not so holy revolvers to aid him in his 'hunts' from his now owner, Raital.
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