Epiphany Reverie

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Race: Young Half-Fey Alu-demon Unseelie Fey Magic-Blooded Varsharan
Class: Keeper of The Border.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: She has brown-black hair, always wears a large red ribbon at the back of her head, and red tubes on her sidelocks. She is usually seen in her "miko uniform".

Personality: Her personality is Elusive and more offen then not artful. She is quick to anger if offended. An extremely strict person wich ofen uses the "shoot first and ask questions later" tatic. Interesting enough Reverie treats everyone the same, whether they're humans, youkai or gods, giving them no particular respect or disrespect. This dismissive atitude causes her to be much closer to a demon then a human.
Aparentely she will offen display a burikko Facade with will cause please "kill this girl" reaction. Cutesy even on the Most Cruel deed.

Background: A Twin born on the Hakurei Shrine is a bad omen as Akashic Records only needs one keeper to Dream thorugh with that in mind Yakuri Yakumo sent one of the twins to the distant planes of Makai to avoid inner strugle on the hakurei clan. Separated from her twin Reverie was trained a Keeper of the Border by Yukari and Shinki. During The First Moon Wars on Akashic Records fearfull of loss sent demanded the Hakurei Maiden to take action. Yukari knowing this was a dangerous move sent instead Reverie to the fields as a envoyer of the Hakurei Shrine.Due the uncanny plane traits of Makai when Reverie left to the warfields she was no longer human, but something inbetween Human and Demon. With the eminent defeat of the youkai the desertor princess from the moon,Kaguya, Sealed the moon on a incident called "Imperishable Night". Caught in the sealing process Reverie was sealed in the inter-dimentional espace, only to wake up another world wich she will come to know as Black Marches.

Shinki Corps Some How connected. It seems She came to this World through their means.

Impervious Phantasmagoria of Mahāpadma.
Hermetic Dream of Gehenna.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation and wiki xp 07/02/2012 1300 1200 Miko’s Outfit - -
2 enconter of randon 07/02/2012 3500 1,5k Miko’s Outfit - -
3 enconter of the dead 07/02/2012 4750 2k Miko’s Outfit - -
4 Shop 07/02/2012 0 -800 belt of healing - -
5 The Path to Ascendancy (Part1) 07/02/2012 3650 8k Miko’s Outfit - -
6 Shop 07/02/2012 3650 -11k Amulet of Tears,Anklet of translocation,Blidnfold of truedarkness - -
7 The Path to Ascendancy (Part 2) 07/02/2012 3k 8,2 - -
8 Deep Pit Part 1 07/02/2012 600 - Experience withhold
9 Deep Pit Part 2 07/02/2012 6k 2k - Experience withhold
10 Retraining 07/02/2012 - - - there is no need for hp at this point
11 A race of the mind 07/02/2012 4200 5k - Paradox of mankind
12 shop 07/02/2012 -12500 arcane sight,Shirt of Wraith Stalking -
13 into the Dead Zone 07/02/2012 5110 - - PvP time
14 Graveyard Pelori... purification 07/02/2012 2625 24440 - - PvP time
15 Into the Depths (part 2) 07/02/2012 9960 - Peripet of wisdown - PvP time
16 Fading away 07/02/2012 4530 - - - I cant remeber
17 Into the Depths (part 5, final) 07/02/2012 2800 28 111.61 - - Somethign about tunnels and undead a butcher was along
18 shop 07/02/2012 -29100 Ring of force wall, Pearl of battle -
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