Enardum Hadan

Race: Mongrelfolk
Class: Cleric 17
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Deity: Nerull


An ugly tall man who routinely hides his disgusting facial features which are said to be caused by his years with tampering with extending his own pitiful life. As a result he looks much older than he is, although he's hundreds of years old anyway due to his necromantic experiments.

He conducts the initiation ritual for new College of Necromancy members with the Ra-men Crypt Keeper to bind initiates souls to the Will of the College.

He's also quite fond of handball but hasn't let anyone else know about it.


College of Necromancy - Ritualist of Nerull


College of Necromancy Graveyard Base


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Syrius's Questions 3-02-2012 Conducted the Initiation Ritual to the College of Necromancy with the Ra-men Crypt Keeper on Syrius
2 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 7 08-10-2012 Revived Zargon before escaping.
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