Emerald Village


A small island southwest of Dragonport. It is a lush green paradise with temperate forests, flowing rivers and olive mountains. It is inhabited by the Emerald Elves and the Emerald Ogres who are ruled over by the Kran Dragons.



Emerald Elves




# Adventure Date Actions
1 Find The Crew! 4-18-2012 Party visited the place to find most of the crew that escaped taking refugee there. At the Emerald Village
2 Emerald Corruption 4-18-2012 The party gathered in the location before heading deciding to aid Ethial in her quest.
4 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 07-04-2012 Served as the Crew's base for the upcoming military operation.
5 The new wave(part 3) 09-21-2012 Visited by the party. A place where the heroes made some buys and actually found some adventuring work related to Satrielle, the local priestess.
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