Emerald Ogres


The Emerald Ogres are an acrobatic Ogre Clan from Emerald Isle. Their blood is mixed with Green Dragons and are wholly ruled by the Kran Dragons.


Emerald Isle


Kran Dragons



# Adventure Date Actions
1 Dealings with Green Dragons 11/16/2011 The ogres were tricked by Malmir to get the party stuck at the Emerald Isle in exchange for gold. However, Malmir betrayed them. Afterwards, they approached the party to take them to Kranimatraxius.
2 Find the Crew! 4/14/2012 ran away from the party, their numbers are being diminished by war with the elves.
3 Emerald Corruption 04-18-2012 As the party tried to follow Dryakra. They were stopped by Emerald Ogres wearing unique emerald armor.
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