Emerald Isle


A small island southwest of Dragonport. It is a lush green paradise with temperate forests, flowing rivers and olive mountains. It is inhabited by the Emerald Elves and the Emerald Ogres who are ruled over by the Kran Dragons.


Emerald Village
Snush Mountains
Ethial's Grove


Emerald Elves
Emerald Ogres
Kran Dragons




# Adventure Date Actions
1 Find The Crew! 4-18-2012 Party visited the place to find most of the crew that escaped taking refugee there. At the Emerald Village
2 Emerald Corruption 4-18-2012 The party travels to the Isles to find bigger Dyrads betting up weak Dyrads for questioning them.
3 The Io's Blood Isles 5-02-2012 Seeker takes the party from here to the Io's Blood Isles.
4 Those who seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 The planar fluctuations brought the heroes there after their attempt at dimension-dooring away from the collapsing seeker facility.
6 Maximu...m Villainy 05-29-2012 Maximus was supposed to detonate its magical source of power near the isle while obliterating the rebel fleet substantially while at the same time giving the Vorloi the opportunity to blame the Crew for such nefarious ct.
7 Landshark Heart 06-16-2012 Thanks to the efforts of the party, the Crew was able to speed up its recovery and its plans to retake Dragonport.
8 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 3 06-20-2012 Served as the game's setting.
9 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 07-04-2012 Belle Venture and other vessels/forces of the Crew were stationed there before the assault commenced.
10 Phylacteries Phall Part 3 07-12-2012 Arashi Taikou sent the party to Dragonport from here.
11 The Dreaded Isle 07-18-2012 The party met here before going after the final phylactery.
12 The new wave(part 3) 09-20-2012 The party finally reached the isle !
13 The new wave: *hatch hatch* 09-21-2012 The Hatchling… hatched while the party was about to arrive to the isle.
14 The new wave(part 4) 09-23-2012 The party saved Satrielle and solved the mystery behind the supposed corruption which spread throughout the isle's forests.
15 The new wave (Part 5) 09-28-2012 A party of adventures… party'd hard before, made new business contracts, founded the Fancy Hair Club and then finally embarked for Gnome Home.
16 Excavation (epilogue) 12-17-2012 The Emerald fleet was attacked by Dark Remnant I some time after the party was forced to board the vessel. Thankfully the team managed to avoid the consequences of inhabiting the ship while the attack was taking place mostly due to the assistance provided by Kriegov Streingauss… as they could not help but find the island to be the only dry land in miles, hence the need of landing in that particular location.
17 Epilogues (Part 1) 10/03/2013 The defeat of Ra-Men's was celebrated here too !
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