Emerald Chrysalis

Description: An egg-alike object brimming with barely perceivable, but still, sentience dwelling deep within its core. Appears to be quite influenceable by those with psionic ability.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Feeding time... long-due 03-13-2013 Acquired by Yagiuma after the defeat of the monstrous crab she met there. For one reason or another it appeared embedded in the creature's shell. A faint heartbeat was heard from inside it, indicating that it was alive indeed.
2 2-tailed plottingness 03-15-2013 Yagiuma received a package containing a strange crystalline harness which she used to tinker with the chrysalis.
3 The hatchery of plots~ 03-20-2013 It seems that Lithian hatched from the chrysalis while Yagiuma was asleep. Later the fox… ate what remained of the 'egg'.
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