Elsbeth Hatamari

Player: [http://www.wikidot.com/user:info/Xanola]
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Samurai 2/ Warblade 4
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Appearance: Fair of skin and dark of hair, this green eyed half elf has a petite body and lithe grace.

Personality: Elsbeth is friendly and compassionate, but strict to any who break the law.

Background: Elsbeth was in training most of her life in a secluded monastery. she was recently released in order to bring law where there was none, or it was lacking.
Elsbeth has hinted of a dark part of her family's history, which she does not know about.
Membership: None yet
Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 8/8/2013 0 1800 (Rich Parents/Dusk Agent trait) Traveler’s Outfit, Mwk Daisho Katana, Mwk Daisho Wakizashi N/A
2 Character Creation (buying) 8/8/2013 0 Light horse, backpack, 10 days of feed, everburning torch, saddle pack, medium tent, bedroll, waterskin, Silk Rope, Mwk Ashigaru Armor N/A
3 9 DM Coins Spent (levels) 8/10/2013 6000 6000 (Daisho increase Level to +1 each) 4000 GP Increased level by 3, purchased Daisho upgrades
4 Shrine's missing money 8/11/2013 900 N/A 3x MWK Longswords, 30x MWK Darts N/A Elsbeth tries doing the right thing, didn't work out so well.
5 In Between Adventures (performance) 8/13/2013 N/A 9.1 GP N/A N/A Elsbeth performed Weapons Drills in her free time for coin. Roll logged here
6 Tavern RP/Raid 8/13/2013 2500 1955.25 Cloak of Elvenkind N/A The Tavern is attacked, and Elsbeth is played like a fool.
7 Deep Pit part I 8/15/2013 600 0 0 N/A Elsbeth fell into a pit and began fighting…
8 Deep Pit part II 8/16/2013 6000 0 Gauntlets of Ogre Power 1052.03 GP The Babau is defeated as well as some shadows
9 Deep Pit part III 8/18/2013 2000 915.76 GP Immovable Rod N/A A succubus is defeated
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