Elric's Mug


A rather traditional sort of establishment serving locals with equally… local spirits. Doubles as an inn though Kraken's Nest appears to be a more popular destination for outsiders… perhaps the xenophobia exhibited by a substantial part of the natives is the reason for such.

Alrig, bartender and owner
Alethia, barmaid


# Adventure Date Actions
1 A double-edged... deal 04/20/2013 The party spent their night there and was warned by the bartender not to trust Malrick who was deemed avaricious by the locals.
2 A double-edged... deal (part2) 04/26/2013 The establishment was abandoned by Alrig and Alethia after the party warned them of the plague. The party itself was bolstered in ranks there after stumbling upon Tsura and Aira.
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