Elric's Bay


An old, small port town east of Dragonport. Recently hooked up to the Lightning Rail. Currently being used as a staging point for many going to the Silver Eye Mines, and is growing as a result.

Bombarded by sustained Ergothian Navy fire (though such is known to few selected individuals). The city is ruined close to beyond recognition.

Elric's Mug, inn
Kraken's Nest, tavern



# Adventure Date Actions
1 A double-edged... deal 04/20/2013 Due to the sabotage of the lightning rail the party was forced to stay in the town.
2 A Double-Edged Intermission 04/26/2013 The party was attacked by goblins on the way back here, but they killed them easily.
3 A double-edged... deal (part2) 04/26/2013 The party, bolstered in ranks, explored the city and its premises looking for hints connected to the mysterious plague.
4 A double-edged... deal (part3) 05/11/2013 The team was in the midst of returning back to the city during their investigation but ended up running into another encounter with the infected (city guard members in this case).
5 A double-edged... deal (part4) 05/17/2013 The game's setting. The party reached the city late in order to find a guide for their, hopefully, final part of the investigation.
6 A double-edged... deal (part5) 05/25/2013 This time the party was trying to find out about the fungi soup and stop it from getting infected. The party came across some town guards, communications broke down, and then awkwardness and bombings ensued.
7 Deposit Investigation (prologue) 07/07/2013 The party got a glance of the desolated remains of the town while onboard a stealth-capable Ergothian Inquisition vessel.
8 Oil and More 07/12/2013 The whole material wealth of Mr Goreward, the Pillager, was left to the denizens of … Elric's Bay… which combined with the fact that there were no confirmed survivors makes for a quite unusual case resolution.
9 Inbetween: Prologue 07/28/2013 Gonvirn's group arrives looking for loot…er, SALVAGE. They stumble upon a fox-girl and find Orcish pirates in the bay.
10 Inbetween: Part 1 07/30/2013 Significantly damaged by some sort of bombardment from the water, the party begins their attempts to loot the town underneath the noses of the Orcish Pirates.
11 Inbetween: Part 2 08/04/2013 The guard HQ is infested with a mixed bag of fungally infected goo-filled former citizens, both guards and civilians both attacking mercilessly.
12 Inbetween: Part 3 08/13/2013 Gonvirn's group finished up with the Guard HQ in Elric's Bay, then headed across the river to the Lightning Rail office for further loot… er… "salvage reclamation". The office had been overrun by enormous and clearly accelerated plant growth.
13 'In-between' (Part 4) 8/19/13 Gonvirn and company took care of more of the infected citizens in the Lightning Rail HQ. The result of which left the building damaged further due to a giant spider.
14 'Inbetween ' (part5, finale ?) 08-26-2013 The team ended up pilfering through the secret N.F.F warehouse hidden beneath the lightning rail office in hope of finding something of value there. They've found quite an explosive mixture of oversized vermin inside a chamber filled with black powder barrels.
15 'Inbetween ' (part6) 09-09-2013 The game's setting. Few party members went together with Gonvirn in search for Malrick's safe while the rest kept on digging.
16 'Inbetween ' (part7) 09-13-2013 As above. The team decided that … hijacking orc's ship might be a bit of a better idea than searching for Malric's safe after all. After (barely) succeeding the party left the city's confines by the virtue of having the now cleared-up pirate ship towed by Gonvirn's gnomish submarine.
17 'Verdant Quest' 09-13-2013/12-03-2013 Daikaji left the group of looters to their own devices and stumbled upon Sallasiv, an entrapped fey court member (?) together with her servants (those being pixies). Daikaji agreed to help the fey with restoring the corrupted land to its former shape and had her leave the city for Fey Mound Lake where an oracle of great power could give grant some greater insight on the matter for both.
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