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Player: MjhX
Race: Human
Class: Wilder PF 7
Alignment: Neutral Good
Current Location: Dragonport

Appearance: At first glance, he looks like a kid with dark hair, but he actually IS a kid with dark hair. Aside from the leather armor under his clothing, his hair has a slightly purple tint to it, though…good luck figuring out whether it's natural, artificial, or supernatural.
Personality: He originally would have tried to help someone who needed it if an opportunity presented itself, although he can sometimes be impatient when things proceed slowly.
Background: Originally from Dragonport (huge surprise there), when he discovered his psionic abilities, he decided to explore them (and the immediate area) further…

Membership: N/A

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 4-04-2013 200 GP Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 4-04-2013 Leather Armor, Backpack, Hooded Lantern, 3 Oil Pints, Flint/Steel, Sack, Inkpen, 8 Parchment Sheets 22 GP
3 A Double-Edged Deal 4-20-2013 1300 XP, Level 2 10 GP, 1 Oil Pint Ended up in a town named similarly to himself, only to find out about a supernatural fungal disease.
4 Wiki XP 4-20-2013 50 XP2 Spent a little wiki XP…only to find out he didn't need to.
5 Krel's Monster Hut 4-27-2013 500 XP 200 GP Luck and randomness at low levels can be…weird.
6 A Double-Edged Deal Part 3 5-12-2013 1063 XP Note to self: stay behind the meatshields.
7 A Double-Edged Deal Part 4 5-17-2013 750 XP, Level 3 Also light the lantern BEFORE entering the darkness.
8 Downtime 5-25-2013 2 Caltrop Bags, Oil Flask, 3 Tindertwigs, 2 Smokesticks, 2 Sunrods 47.1 GP Bought a ton of random stuff.
9 A Double-Edged Deal Part 5 5-25-2013 975 XP Smokestick Got involved in his first spectacularly awkward trainwreck.
10 Wiki XP 5-31-2013 1400 XP, Level 4 Woohoo, Level 4!
11 An Encounter of Randomness 6-09-2013 4625 XP, Level 5 375 GP Smokestick Daerzok and Davegon seemed to appreciate the buff he gave them…maybe he should get another one of those.
12 Downtime 6-09-2013 2 Smokesticks 40 GP Honestly, why the heck didn't I use more of these earlier? :P
13 The Path To Ascendancy Part 2 7-13-2013 3000 XP 7000 GP Learned something about PP efficiency today.
14 Enter the Djinn 7-14-2013 2000 XP, Level 6 5000 GP Encountered a situation where poking the enemy with shards was pointless.
15 Downtime 7-14-2013 Gloves of Dexterity +2, Cloak of Charisma +2 8000 GP Getting magic items for the first time.
16 The Path To Ascendancy Part 3 7-20-2013 2500 XP Was a flat-out liability this time, sadly.
17 Kobold Dungeon Attempt 2 10-06-2013 5000 XP, Level 7 Arrived late, but those wasps never saw what was coming to them.
18 A Race of the Mind 11-14-2013 6550 XP 10000 GP Tried to compensate for his lack of investigative skills by talking to someone. Also, Concussive Onslaught is so useful. Later on he couldn't do much, though.
19 Downtime 7-18-2013 Dagger, Detect Psionics Dorje, Ectoplasmic Sheen Dorje 1502 GP More necessities.
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