Elissa Stormwind

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Player: Ashiel
Race: Necropolitan Human
Class: Conjurer 1
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Appearance: Elissa has pale skin, piercing blue eyes, and long black hair. She is typically found wearing a dark cloak or cowl for traveling. Her expression is usually a mixture of boredom and superiority. Her clothing is fairly plain looking, with the exception of some carefully woven strands of silver-colored thread on black or violet cloth. Her build is lithe but toned, with some curves in fine places. She typically dresses in a combination of noble fashion and street clothes, forming a style that is neither common among the nobility nor the common folk. She is fond of corsets and armbands, arm-length gloves, and choker necklaces, and is often found wearing some combination of them.

Personality: Elissa is strong willed and forceful while remaining very distant. She excels at manipulation, but grows bored with things quickly. She is flirtatious and enjoys toying with people's emotions. She is also proud and carries with her a sense of regal quality in her mannerisms. When she speaks she speaks forcefully, powerfully, and is well spoken. All of these traits are connected with her noble upbringing, but do little to betray her true sense of self. Elissa is slow to befriend people because she expects everyone to be out for themselves, and to let your guard down is to make yourself a tool for others to use. This mindset has left Elissa alone all of her life, and without friends, family, or a strong sense of purpose, she grows easily weary and bored no matter what she does. Because of this, she typically throws herself into a goal, project, or new hobby with a fierce single mindedness, until she again grows bored of it and seeks something else to distract her senses for a time.

Background: Elissa was born to the noble Stormlord household, near the city of Dragonport. While of noble origins, her family name has been tarnished by the machinations of the noble heirs throughout the generations. Born into corruption, Elissa was raised within a house of calculating gossiping aristocrats. She was learning to lie as early as she was learning to speak, as her family constantly plotted to advance themselves both in wealth and prestige. This often involved looking for small weaknesses in their rivals' works, as well as slyly engaging in clever wordsmithing to further the goals of her father, Alexander Stormlord, and her mother Delaroux Stormlord. She has a sister, Danielle Stormlord, and one brother, Alexander Stormlord II.

When she reached the age of sixteen, she was apprenticed under the wizard Gabriel Darkflare to train in the arcane arts, at the behest of her parents. Seeking to gain an advantage over their rivals politically, they deemed it fitting that their eldest daughter be trained in the arts of wizardry to further their ideals. For quite some time she trained, and was quite gifted in the arts, but quickly grew too ambitious for her parents plans. Having studied the various notes of her master as she trained, she determined that there were methods of gaining immortality that were not beyond the ability of her master. Her young mind darted about with the possibilities and schemes she could concoct with unlimited time to work with. She approached her mentor with this knowledge and tried to convince him to assist her in this transformation into an unliving being. He refused, initially, but eventually gave in to the temptations of the young heiress. After seducing her mentor, she was ritually killed at her own behest, and her soul bound into her body with magic. The process was draining but successful.

After becoming undead, she slowly began to adapt to her new existence. It was not entirely what she expected. It of course had its perks, as she didn't have to eat, or sleep, nor would she get sick, and she could theoretically live forever. Her motivations for her transformation quickly waned however. Without the long list of basic needs that a human possesses, she found that she was slowly losing her desires and wants. Having more than everyone else didn't feel quite the same when it is worth little if you lose it. Who cares who has the most food if you do not eat, or the most security if you do not sleep, or the most money if you will live forever? This combined with her human mind adapting to her new immortality caused her to quickly lose interest in all of her motivations. She became bored, and lethargic. She became prone to staring out windows for hours, watching leaves roll bye. She slowly lost interest in her family's schemes for advancement, now viewing them as petty and short lived ambitions. She had for all intents and purposes, lost her drive.

Realizing she had not been truly ready for this step, she decided to end her connection with her family for now. She paid off her mentor with the majority of her personal wealth, and faked her own death. She attended her funeral dressed as a servant, and realized that she wasn't going to miss her life. Truly, it wasn't much of a life, looking back on it. She was privileged, wealthy, and powerful, and yet none of it ever made her happy. She couldn't recall a time when her parents loved her as the servants loved their children. Nor could she recall a time in her youth when business didn't interfere with her family's time together. No, she wouldn't miss it. She would, however, miss her brother Alexander, whom she had spent many lonely years with while their parents were absent. Some servants in the house even whispered that the two shared a bedroom on many nights, but never brought the two's dalliances to the attention of the masters. She would miss him, and probably her sister Danielle as well, though the two weren't nearly as close as she and her brother.

During her funeral, she realized that her brother saw her amidst the crowd, and she disappeared into the masses so as not to cause a scene. There is a fair chance that her brother is still searching for her, since her "body" mysteriously disappeared prior to the funeral (in essence, she just stood up after pretending to be dead, which wasn't difficult given her current state of unlife). She has since wandered around from place to place, trying to find a direction for her life. She also donned a new name: Stormwind. So she signified her rebirth with a new name and a guise as a simple wandering magician. Little did she realize where here journeys were going to take her, or what sort of profound effects they would have on her cold heart.

Membership: None currently. Formerly of the Stormlord noble household, but presumed dead.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 11/07/2011 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 11/09/2011 -95 Spellbook, Spell Pouch, Haversack, 1st Level Spells (3), armored kilt
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