Eleniel Featherstep

Race: Necropolitan Elf
Class: Rogue 4 / Wizard 1 / Daggerspell Mage 10
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Nerull


Eleniel was born in far northeast of Dragonport within the Daerwood as part of the Daerwood Elves. At a young age, Eleniel was very mischievous, stealing, lying, and learning all sorts of ways to deceive others. She spent much time plotting with her partner-in-crime Hothien

One day, a group of Drow forces aided by a contingent of the College of Necromancy descended upon the settlement with overwhelming force and speed. Fleeing from the carnage, Hothien's and Eleniel's families found themselves within the same hiding spot. Undeterred, the families were soon caught, Hothien and Eleniel clutched each other in their arms as they viewed their family members being slain and converted to undead before their eyes.

However, while most young creatures would scream with horror at the sights they saw, Hothien and Eleniel could watch with nothing but amazement at the beauty and elegance of their undead attackers, especially Grixis the Soulrender. Because of this they briefly forgot the significance of their own family members being slaughtered and even the danger to their very lives.

Impressed by this, Grixis the Soulrender, decided to spare these two children and induct them into The Veiled Society, feeling their skill at stealth even at a young age would serve useful.

Hothien and Eleniel did their tasks well, becoming prominent assassins for The Veiled Society and following the cryptic orders of their immediate superiors, Grixis the Soulrender, and Ra-men himself. They became a central part of Operation Subversion, joining the Dragonport Thieves Guild only to undermine its goals, eliminate its members, and convert dissatisfied members to The Veiled Society. During this time and while still undercover, the two wed and received blessings from both organizations they served

However, serving two organizations took a toll on the couple. However, in their minds they were eternally grateful to Nerull for the gift of their lives and their ability to please him with the various murders they conducted. When asked if they planned on having offspring, they noted that they had no time for children as their lives were devoted to Nerull. However, one day they were called into a special meeting, and were told to reconsider, which for the love of their Deity Nerull, they did.

And thus Project Dragonborn Subversion began. As Elves, Hothien and Eleniel had a considerable lifespan, enough time to be considered significant compared to the lifespan of dragons. This meant that their child would share their long life, and the Dragonborn Ritual would only increase that lifespan. As such, this would be enough time for their progeny to gain the attention, respect, and trust of Dragonkind only to be able to use that influence later to betray and annihilate them.

2 Years later, young Syrius was born. A dark spell was planted within him to one day manifest itself and impel a deep evil and antipathy towards dragons and a sympathy towards the College of Necromancy. Hothien and Eleniel loved their son very much and tried to spend what little free time they had with him. When he was old enough, Hothien and Eleniel disguised themselves as Draconic Devotees in order to get the Dragonborn ritual conducted for their son. The ritual worked, and Syrius's new form revealed itself, combining the elven elegance and grace with the Draconic might and power.

However their deceptions eventually caught up with them. Some members of the Dragonport Thieves Guild learned of their dark affiliation, and demanded large sums of money to keep quiet about it. The couple feeling they had few options paid the blackmailers for many months. Eventually they set up a trap, wherein their blackmailers would get annihilated altogether in a large group mission. In order to avoid suspicion, the couple arranged for themselves to get caught by the Dragonport City Guard.

They Were Hanged in the City Square as punishment for their crimes. However, they used the hanging as part of the final ritual to become a Necropolitan. That night, they rose again as undead, and resumed their positions within the Veiled Society full time.

The situation was unfortunate. In order to keep their cover as being deceased, they were forced to abandon their baby boy, Syrius

In life as in undeath, Eleniel is inseperable from Hothien. He and she together form a deadly pair, eliminating all who oppose their superiors' aims.


The Veiled Society - Veiled Assassin

Hothien Featherstep - Husband
Syrius - Son


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Blood Calls to Blood 02-29-2012 Assassinated Melreau within Melreau's Magic shop. Was suprised and grateful to find her son, Syrius was there and got an opportunity to tell him her and Syrius's past. Said that she loved her son no matter what he did and hoped to see him again.
2 Syrius's Questions 03-03-2012 Assassinated a cleric of Pelor with the help of her husband and son. Another agent of the College replaced the victim.
3 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 13 08/17/2012 Made a final (?!) appearance in the Nexus of Souls to try and stop the questing adventurers.
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