Elemental Plane Of Fire


The endless sees of fire, sites of constant volcanic eruptions, sulfurish fumes making it rather hard to breath at times and of course terrible heat and all that is related to that passionate element. Efreeti and elemental beings of numerous varieties call the plane home though other sorts of inhabitants are not unheard off especially in the great cities owned by the former.


City of Brass
Salamander Palace






# Adventure Date Actions
1 Lava-Coiled 10/29/2012 Aika took her relative, Kimonto, to her residence placed within the fiery plane and helped her with going through a sort of rite of a passage.
2 Jelloish Premonition 01/31/2013 Kimonto left the planar residence of Aika's placed within the location's bounds by being warped into…. the Iceclad Peak.
3 Scary Aika 03-22-2013 Rick Dodger got to vist the plane (and the Salamander Palace) for the very first time in his life.
4 Magic in my belly~ 03/26/2013 Kimonto and Rick spent a bit of their time in the Salamander Palace before embarking for the material plane to solve various matters.
5 There's ... a forge in my belly ?! 09/27/2013 The events setting, Kimonto and Rick Dodger were brought into the Salamander Palace by Aika.
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