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Player: Duralan
Race: Human (Dream Eater)
Class: Psion 5/Warblade 1/Ghostbreaker 1/Diamond Swordmaster 1 (not in this order)
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A comely silver-haired (for reasons he does not want to reveal) young man with a slight aura of rebelliousness/wildness around him. Happens to be preferring a rather 'balanced' kind of attires not truly limiting movement while at the same time allowing for some showing off of his status (which, once again may have quite mysterious roots).

Personality: Einharr de'Lekhair, as he calls himself, is a truly quick-witted fellow with enough thought-pattern know-how and inherently 'noble bearing' to swing most of, even dangerous, situations in his favor with his way of words alone. Should those fail, however, the man might be a little bit too prone to shift his patterns to such bearing traces (or actually being) of intimidation and mind-crushing (sometimes literally) presence. Glory, knowledge, power - this is what he seeks but with the 'so-called' 'true-clarity' being a way to attain those.

Background: In spite of his, without doubt, rather noble presence the man claims to be a son belonging to a 'mere' bloodline of warriors. As a 'rite of the passage' he must attain glory, power and influence on his own before returning to his domain it seems (which is not that far from truth actually).

True Background:

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