[Fighter Bonus Feat, Tactical]

You excel at wielding a one-handed weapon while carrying nothing in your off hand.

Tumble 3 ranks, base attack bonus +6

If you are fighting with a one-handed weapon or a light weapon and carrying nothing in your off hand, the Einhander feat grants a +2 dodge bonus to armor class. In addition you have access to three special tactical maneuvers.

En Garde: With a flourish, you flip your weapon into the air, catch it in your off hand, and continue to press the attack. When you use this maneuver, you must first take a full attack action to strike an opponent at least twice. On your next turn, you can make a special feint as a free action, using Sleight of Hand rather than Bluff. Your opponent uses the standard rules for resisting a feint. Once you use this maneuver against a particular opponent, whether it succeeds or fails, you cannot use it against him again for one day. In addition, if you successfully feint your opponent, for the round that they are flat-footed, your critical threat range on all attacks against that opponent are doubled, critical threats are automatically confirmed, and your critical damage multiplier is increased by +1x. The increase in critical threat stacks with keen, imp. crit, and similar effects.

Touché: You can tuck your arm behind your back and offer a narrow profile when you concentrate on defense rather than offense. You gain an additional +2 dodge bonus to AC when fighting defensively or taking at least a -2 penalty to your attacks with Combat Expertise; or gain an additional +4 dodge bonus to AC when using the total defense action. Additionally, your disciplined stance gives you a +4 competence bonus on checks made to disarm or to resist being disarmed.

Parry/Riposte: You may activate this maneuver as an immediate action when you would normally be hit with a melee or ranged attack roll; until the beginning of your next turn you may expend attacks of opportunity for the round to instead attempt to parry attacks made against you that required an attack roll to hit you. Make an opposed attack roll at your highest base attack bonus to avoid being hit, the DC for this check is equal to the attack roll that hit you. You may attempt to parry one attack for each attack of opportunity that you expend. For each size category that the attacking creature is larger than you, you take a –4 penalty on your attack roll during this check. Additionally, if the attack you are attempting to parry is a ranged touch attack, you take a -5 penalty on your attack roll during the check, but do not take a penalty for size. If you successfully parry the attack and the attacking enemy is within your reach, you may immediately make a free attack against them at your highest Base Attack Bonus. You may only use this maneuver when you have an armor check penalty of 0. You cannot use this ability if you are unable to make attacks of opportunity. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Dexterity bonus. You may attempt to Parry/Riposte multiple attacks in a given round provided you have the available Attacks of Opportunity to sacrifice.

A fighter can select Einhander as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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