Edarusk Tribe


A relatively small tribe, currently surviving near the outskirts of Dragonport. They seem to be raiders and thieves, and are quite proficient with traps.


Outskirts of Dragonport (1 den abandoned, current location unknown)


None Known


None Known


About 300 members suspected. Some arcane spellcasters confirmed.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Kobold Den Infestation Pt. 1 02/25/2013 Den confirmed, party entered and set off entry traps.
2 Kobold Den Infestation Pt. 2 02/25/2013 Party investigated deeper into the den. After Shak set off numerous explosives, most of the group retreated, abandoning the den and leaving some of their members behind.
3 More Kobolds! Pt. 1 02/28/2013 Party confirmed a new, smaller den, but was spotted by scouts. They got a signal off, but the party managed to penetrate the first layer of defenses.
4 Kobold Den Infestation Pt. 2 03/06/2013 Party investigated deeper, but was caught by a couple of nasty traps. Most of the kobolds in the den were able to escape without being noticed.
5 Shak'x Endeavor 03/06/2013 Shak found a note on one of the tribe, leading him to a seperate, smaller den containing numerous traps and a kobold which established communications between him and Kilithik.
6 Negotiations 03/10/2013 Negotiations between Kilithik and Shak took place in their old lair. Kilithik's connections are a bit clearer.
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