Edark, the Sculptor

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Player: Duralan
Race: Elan
Class: Wizard 1/Shaper 3/Cerebremancer 4
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: The blue color dominates… this human-like figure. In fact if not for his unusual resiliency (and the hue)…no one would notice that there's anything strange about the elan.

Personality: Edark's mind almost literally hungers for more arcane and psionic know-how. Other than that he is (obviously) curious, honest… somewhat eccentric…and perhaps a little bit too self-centered at times.

Background: Only few days passed since Edark was transformed… as an accident this time. Due to his absent-mindness, and …maybe a twist of fate in more than few moments, the former human activated the device. Because of this even the man lost most of his memories and power, however in turn he gained unnatural vigor paired with natural affinity for psionics about which he only read before… and now he could experience them firsthand.

None yet


"Passion of mine ! Aflame my inferno !" - before unleashing fiery psionic powers

"Cut them down…my delightful spark of invention !" !" - before unleashing 'shockin' psionic powers

"That was….outside of my calculations…" - after being wounded (which tends to happen rarely)

"Denied" - after abrupt-jaunting away

"I know that it may be sudden but…as you know I am an artist - sculptor to be precise - and art without inspiration would slowly wither like a neglected rose… it appears that the moment I perceived your presence my mind was flooded with ideas. And now my humble request is formed: would you perhaps be eager to sacrifice few moments of your definitely precious time in order to become immortalized ? In other words become a model for my next piece." - Edark's trademark line after meeting a female of more exotic origins, alternatively a one clad in some sort of armor.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 01-10-2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation: Buying 01-12-2012 0 -195 Masterwork Tools: Psicraft, Spellcraft, Knowledge (Arcane), std adventurer's kit, smokestick
3 Good Guys 1 01-30-2012 763 +300gp ??? ??? Met Lorane Loraii, Mike, Nightmare….and formed a 'team' foretold by the prophecies form who-know-how long time ago. It seemed that there had been some bad blood between Ra-Men and Chown Mein in the past… should we trust the 'postive-energy'-powered lich ? Who knows…too many coincidences. But as for now we must unite in hope of thwarting… the plans of the evil lurking in the dark corners of this world…the question is…how ?
4 Downtime: Buying 02-06-2012 0 -287 Scrolls: 1x Enlarge Person, 1x Mage's Armor, 1x Grease, 1x Shield, 1x Glitterdust, light crossbow +20 bolts
5 Good Guys 2 02-06-2012 700 at least +840gp (TBA) ??? Scrolls: 1x Glitterdust, 1x Shield, 1x Mage's Armor Tried to get back to Tim in the meantime we solved, unfortunately we were forced to do so in a violent way, the 'goblin problem'. As it turned out later 'the goblins' were just creations of or actually mirror mephits. After encountering a young ankeg we have finally reached the inn…cursed orcs ! Brigands ! Murderers ! At least Tim got avenged… the Crew will learn about his demise soon.
6 Good Guys 3 02-13-2012 1300 +1960gp (also took a loan) ??? Scrolls: 1x Grease Made the world a better place to live in after disposing of a group of undead creatures stalking one of the routes leading to Dragonport… purified Swampside from an orcish warband of hostile savages.
7 Downtime: Buying 03-13-2012 0 −925 Scrolls: 1x Enlarge Person, 1x Glitterdust, Belt of Healing
8 Good Guys 4 03-12-2012 825 +1500 +607 from Lorane Headband of Intellect +4 Scrolls: 1x Glitterdust Successfully accomplished the mission given by the one of the Vorloi. Yes those Vorloi. Met Sindri and Mali Ohba. Witnessed some brilliant engineering ! Lighting Rail ! Fabulous ! Stupendous ! Marvelous ! State-of-an-art work ! Well…truth to be told the Project's leader appears to be even more absent-minded than me (at least in certain circumstances). But the thrill of discovery (and simply unrealistic speed !) more than made up for it ! For our co-operation we were rewarded …however the whole idea of being commanded by such … woman. Ahh tis a shame that she refused to become my model. An artist has to survive many hardships… As for the undead, they will get a taste of my art very soon. Poor Sindri, I am not that surprised that she became like this after losing almost all companions of hers.
9 Dragonport Intro 02-17-2012 750 350 ??? None Saved few beings from Khrall's thugs. Balistray agreed to become my model ! Finally some good inspiration !
10 Good Guys 5 03-19-2012 2050 +1116 (after scrolls and other junk) Scrolls: 1x Invisibility, 1x CLW Potion, 2x smokestick Scrolls: 1x Invisibility, 1x CLW Potion, 1x smokestick Purified a keep from orcs…but then again we were …enlighted by what we found there. Sindri a traitor ? Is that possible ? Lestat connected to the College ? Still we are to play our part, even though Balistray took the proof… who knows what the evil is up to…in Dragonport. At least someone finally noticed the talent of mine…the time will tell.
11 DM-coin-use 03-21-2012 Bought "rapid construction" (DSP feat). 3 coins left after this operation.
12 Good Guys Octagon Challenge! 03-21-2012 1600 (1709 gp state after numerous sellings, buys, borrowings etc) Scrolls: Invisibility x2, Gillterdust x1, Shield x1 Scrolls: Shield x1 Had a longer conversation with Hector de'Sante learned of many rumors, some alarming, some less. Fought in Octagon, taught few …not so impressive (or manly) fighters…a lesson. Poor beings, so many minds wasted, their potential …sigh. Investigated psychic imprints…learned more…but that was not it.
13 Good Guys 6 03-19-2012 2050 1000 ??? ??? Fought vicious living dead, aided the city….repelled the invasion. Had to destroy an orb which was place in the Crew's Keep long time ago…so many imprints…so little time
14 Pseudo Good Guys 03-07-2012 3500 +3650 2x Scroll of Invisibility, 1x Scroll of Glitterdust 1x Scroll of Invisbility Sindri's and Kaleem's treachery was more than confirmed… if not for Stryker's curiosity…who knows what kind of result would affect the lives of ours…if not of the whole Dragonport. Surprisingly enough the hobgoblins had no issues with allowing us to take shelter within their monastery-like citadel. Before that… the aspect of Nerull himself ! And …the Dragon King ! Normally I would tremble in excitement…but then again… sometimes I even surprise myself. Ahh yes, met new people…including one…female catfolk….must resist the urge… darn some habits are indeed not really eager to get rid of themselves… no Sapphire, you do not have to mention it.
15 Downtime: Buying 04-12-2012 0 -1800 Hat of Disguise
16 Pull the Bull's Tail 1 04-12-2012 1717 +1717 Scroll of Invisibility Confronted …some semi-substancial….glass-like goblins…which were apparently opposing all that is koboldish…and yes…the tolls. It keeps me wondering what was the exact source of such magical-replicas. The danger was averted…for now. Dryads… and dark elves…I would never expect to travel among such folk…but then again the recent change of mine made me …different somehow. The time will tell.
17 Pull the Bull's Tail 2 04-13-2012 2863 +2863 Finally ! The source of the hostile replicas in our rea…..oh there it goes ! It must be sentient in a way…and why one would attach a dimensional anchor device ?! Then again Mali used to be a tycoon in spite of her… unusual mental habits. Met a three-kreen and some other fellows. I would have never expect such to ever travel together, except in those old jokes. Gathered some….'feline' data….Sapphire…stop accusing me of such ungentlemanly things ! That was just for research reasons >_>.
18 Octagon 9 04-17-2012 6300 +4000 Participated in another Octagon event and finally confronted more competent adversaries. Met a lizardfolk with a penchant for electrocuting and a minotaur-blooded man with anger-management issues. Thankfully my mental-might made the latter non-issue…woe to me if not for it though >_>.
19 Emerald Corruption 04-18-2012 4600 +3900 Aided one glamorous fey in her strive to bring peace to the dryads of the Emerald Isle.
20 Black Gate Brown Gate 04-19-2012 3300 + 5000 via sculpting commission from Gin After encountering a small horde of …. golems made from…. waste Edark had so much nightmare fuel that he ventured with Ksenia and Nightmare towards the Tabernacle Tavern to drown those memories away.
21 Feline Insights and recent wikichores 04-19-2012 2775 Wiki-chores changelog
22 Disrupt the Onyx trade! Part 2 04-20-2012 1800 +4k Met the Puppet Master who apparently was in league with Mr Kamigawa. As much as I appreciate dedication to one's profession….deluding oneself is a completely different matter…poor boy. Learned it the hard way that some beings… lack finesse… to extreme extents…the mission itself was… a failure so it seems. I am glad that everyone survived that perilous endeavor.
23 Enter Jikjon Cavern! 04-24-2012 6k - Briefly joined …. Mike and someone whom I've thought to be a splendid lady…until….X_X I've realized the terrible tru…oh where was I ? Nubbrows and other strange beings.. efreeti… what a strange mixture indeed !
24 Cu Mian's Lair 05-10-2012 7200 - Defeated a semi-formidable group of undead beings seeking to ambush those foolish enough to venture into their semi-obvious trap… however their overlord was fully unliving…as much as I tried improvising…the being escaped… Xyn sure is… interesting so to say…also…an ELAN ? Is this what I've become…this matter troubling indeed.
25 The Second Step 06-01-2012 - (acted as an NPC) agreed to work on Rias' behalf on VERY favorable conditions. Such innocent is his heart…so open to womanly exploits poor guy.
26 Important Destinies, Side plots 08-03-2012 - (mentioned) worked heavily with the use of his fabrication powers for the draconic side of the upcoming conflict.
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