Ectoskeleton Armor Prototype
Ectoskeleton Armor after activation

Description: A prototype manufactured somewhere in the abandoned research complex.

Current Owner

Game Mechanics

Inactive Mode -> +2 Deep Crystal Graceful Githcraft Chain Shirt

Activated Mode (usable 3x/day, std action) -> The wearer is affected by ectoskelton (as if merged with a 4th lvl astral construct with the boost construct feat applied to it), the user is free to use the construct's menu abilities.

One activation lasts for 10 minutes. However the suit is highly unstable when not used on the astral plane.
During each combat roll [1d100] (Add cumulative 1% each round) to see if the suit reverts to its inactive state (base chance 0%). The "instability chance" is reseted at the beginning of each encounter.


# Adventure Date Events
1 Into the Great Unknown Part 3 01-03-2012 Found by the party in an equipment locker next to the quintessence tank containing the simulacrum of Vice-President Altharid.
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