Ebon Librarian

Race: Forged Human
Class: Bard ???/Sublime Chord ???
Alignment: Neutral

Description: A rather absent-minded fellow living more in the idealistic, heroic (to the point of obnoxiousness) world of his dreams than in the reality he otherwise considers to be more than dull. Appears to had been a subject of the 'forging procedure' several centuries ago after suffering an otherwise lethal sort of wound while adventuring (?) alongside Garmvir.
Idolizes Donacious, the Great and for one reason or another appears to find the corporeal forms of female elemental creatures to be particularly pleasing as far as his sense of aesthetics is concerned. Such, especially when combined with his way of dealing with women, apparently led to earning ire of both Ignis, Hauteclere and who knows whom else ?

Membership: Imperial Library, one of the librarians (on a day off currently)

# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Holy Library 04/11/2013 Rick Dodger stubled upon the fellow within the lowest, most secretive level of the Imperial Library during an analysis of some kind of an artifact spell. A rather 'amusing' (for some at least) sort of reunion occurred between him and Hauteclere who recognized him as the 'runt who partook in elemental binding serving as an apprentice of a friend of her 'father'. In the end the poet found himself heavily beaten by the elemental princess' corporeal form though later was also offered being freed from his debt to the Ergothian Empire.
2 Elemental Issues 04/19/2013 Was brought to Dragonport by Ricl and … ended beaten more than few times by Isaac who found the way he approached Ignis unnervingly nonchalant. The librarian himself heavily implied that at one point Isaac and Garmivr, the Starforger might have been the very same being.
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