East Injia Trade Company

Farris Blackclaw


East Injia was formed after Mali Ohba returned to Dragonport. It's first product, "crocodile tears" (real life equivalent would be crude oil), proved to be immensely successful. This led Mali to further expand her product line to include standard trade goods. They now deal in every item sold or bought. Recently, Project Alpha was also added to the business model.

3/24/2012: Mali Ohba flees dragonport and hands control of the business to 4 nobles as follows:
Lady Magda: 40 businesses in dragonport proper.
Lord Dimitros: 40 businesses in dragonport proper.
Walden Woden and Hector De'Sante: 40 businesses in dragonport proper and 80 in countryside


CEO: Mali Ohba
COO: Danicus Lobe
Board of Directors: 56 NPCs gained via leadership.
Walden Woden
Hector De'Sante
Lady Magda
Lord Dimitros


East Injia is fairly altruistic in its business approach. It realizes that in order for trade to work, it must have liquidity. It is now the equivalent of a multinational corporation.
East Injia is under new management.


East Injia currently employees the following:
1260 specialists


the crew


East Injia currently services Dragonport and Countryside. It plans to expand to include Bywater, Chameleon City, The Pyramid, Goliath Rock, The Emerald Isle, gnome home, and many others.


205 buildings in various towns and cities throughout the realm.

10 carts.
1-17-2012: updated to houses in various rural areas for 5000gp
1-17-2012: upgraded business +3 to roll (used luck reroll to average) 10000gp
1-18-2012: Adds 3 houses and upgrades them.-18000 (260 in character money).
1-18-2012: Adds 2 houses and upgrades them.(all character money)


1-16-2012: +100, +3 (per pc aid)
Currently Gato, and Sirius are helping
1-28-2012: +252, pc aid doesn't offer profit.
2-12-2012: +691, the business gains partners, Mali still makes all the checks.
2-17-2012: +1121, the business expands, Mali sets Danicus to making eternal wands
2-27-2012: +1932, the business expands, Mali buys eternal wands
3-17-2012: +1949
3-24-2012: As an NPC run organization, the company no longer uses a check.


Altharid: 5000GP - PAID BACK 5250GP 1-16-2012
Walden Woden: 50000GP-2500GP=50000GP still owed PAID BACK 50000GP 1-28-2012
Bor Heavychain: 20000gp PAID BACK 21000GP 1-28-2012
Mysterious Changeling: 25000GP PAID BACK 26250GP 1-17-2012
Total business loans owed: 0GP AS OF 1-28-2012
Time to Pay loans: NA
Projected time to Pay loans: NA
Interest rate: TBD


185 GP
1/16/2012: 3 carts in: 13230 gp
first loan paid back: Altharid - 5250 gp
1/17/2012: 3 houses in: 15030 gp
second loan paid back: Mysterious changeling with addition of Mali's money(3240)
1/18/2012: 4 houses in: 20240gp-2500(interest to woden)=17740.
paid interest to woden and refolded into business.
1/18/2012: Mali invests 10725 character wealth into till to spend on houses: 2 houses (10750-9000=1750) and upgrades the share talent wand to 4 charges.(1750-1105=620)
1/22/2012: Mali accepts Bor's Loan of 20000gp
1/22/2012: Mali invests 13260 gp to buy 4 more improved eternal wands of share talent. Mali invests 5200 gp to upgrade the eternal wand of divine insight to CL 10.
1/28/2012: Mali invests 30000gp back into the business from profits to buy 5 more upgraded houses.
1/28/2012: Mali recovers her expended character wealth totaling 18500gp.
1/28/2012: Mali spends 300 gp to fix the damage to the crane house.
1/31/2012: Mali spends 900 gp to buy 3 months worth of training from Thestin.
1/31/2012: Mali buys 2 grand houses (8, 750 gp) in the noble district to start The Silver Cranes in an official capacity.
1/31/2012: Mali hires 21 nezumi rat people and pays them in cheese (these will be employees and specialist of the new Silver Cranes.
2/2/2012: Mali gives Roc 5000gp to buy a grand house in the noble district for The Silver Cranes.
2/7/2012: Profits from business added.
2/7/2012: The following characters are payed money from the business: Altharid, Mali, Riani, Sidhe, Bor, Hector, Rydia. They are each given 10,000gp. Roc is given 5000gp extra. total: 75,000gp
2/7/2012: Purchased the rest of the Silver Cranes building in various cities and paid for a tower in Thoghorn's grove. Total spent: 149,000gp
2/7/2012: Purchased a "Monster University" in Dragonport on the Silver Cranes lot. This was presented as a gift to Sidhe Spellweaver by Mali Ohba. Total spent: 69,000gp (Mali adds 20k of her money to this purchase).
2/12/2012: Mali Ohba spends 100% of her time on this business and the Silver Cranes. She spends 50gp to retrain a feat to Planar Touchstone: Catalogs of Enlightenment: PF Nobility Domain….gaining PF Leadership.
2/12/2012: Mali Ohba buys 20 business fronts for Danicus Lobe to oversee. There is a hiring surge.
2/17/2012: The following characters are payed money from the business: Altharid, Mali, Riani, Sidhe, Bor, Hector, Rydia. They are each given 10,000gp. Roc is given 5000gp extra. total: 75,000gp
2/17/2012: Mali improves her headband and sets her cohort to work building eternal wands of share talent. More NPCs become trusted advisers (via leadership)
2/17/2012: Mali invests a sum of 846600gp into Project Alpha.
2/23/2012: Mali invests 300k in getting Hector De-Sante and Walden Woden on the crew
2/27/2012: Mali invests 1,675,000gp to increase Hector and Walden's seats to 175k, and buy 9 more seats.
2/27/2012: The following characters are payed money from the business: Altharid, Mali, Riani, Sidhe, Bor, Hector, Rydia, Roc. They are each given 10,000gp. total: 80,000gp
3/3/2012: Mali buys 40 more distribution sites total: 240000gp
3/4/2012: Mali begins major construction in Kobold Settlement. total: 1430000gp
3/4/2012: Mali gives 250000 to Ivar, 250000 to Bor, 120000 to Roc, and pays 55000 towards Kamigawa's election.
3/6/2012: Pays some adventurers to find out what happened to the purple wurm.
3/7/2012: The following characters are payed money from the business: Altharid, Mali, Riani, Sidhe, Bor, Hector, Rydia, Roc. They are each given 10,000gp. total: 80,000gp
3/7/2012: Mali pays all her employees a bonus equal to 2000gp each: Total: 2000000gp
3/7/2012: Mali greases the hands of "the Crew" offering them 40000 gp each if they will vote yes on her public work projects for 3 months. Total: 800000gp
3/7/2012: Mali gives 200,000 gp to Bor, Ivar, Sirion, and Roc to enhance their settlements.
3/9/2012: Pays some adventurers to help her locate Ra-men Total: 140000gp
3/13/2012: Mali buys 80 shops over the course of 2 days. These shops are located within Dragonport. total: 3280000
3/14/2012: Mali spends some money shopping with friends: total: 150000
3/17/2012: The following characters are payed money from the business: Altharid, Mali, Riani, Sidhe, Bor, Hector, Rydia, Roc. They are each given 10,000gp. total: 80,000gp
3/17/2012: Mali unleashes Project Alpha on an unsuspecting world. She spends 1000000 gp to make 20 locations (including all the major cities) manifest zones. She spends 900000 gp to make 5 major hubs in metropolises. She finishes 7 locations in towns (already paid for), and buys 8 more for 960000gp. (this is 20 shipping businesses run as a railroad). total: 2860000 gp
3/17/2012: Mali buys portals in Sirion, Roc, Bor, and Ivar's kingdoms linked to a personal demiplane of hers for 200000gp total. She buys 5 "secret" stations, one in each location including her demiplane for 900000gp. total: 1100000 gp
3/23/2012: Mali collects the proceeds from her new businesses and uses them to pay everybody's taxes for 6 months (6,000,000gp). She purchases 200 shirts of wraith stalking for the Swampside City Guard provided they clean up the district of undead.(1,200,000gp). She spends money resurrecting folks from the dead who died in a train crash (1,000,000gp).
3/24/2012: Mali is ordered by Lestat to relinquish control of her new businesses in dragonport to Lady Magda and Lord Dimitros. Mali begrudgingly complies.
3/24/2012: Mali begins the sewer reparation and indoor Poop shoot project. She uses reinforced ceramic pipes, decanters of endless water, and portals to remove the waste from the area. (3,000,000gp) This project is expected to take 2 months. This includes placing 1 restroom attached to each house in the more affluent districts and public restrooms for the less affluent ones.
3/24/2012: Mali is once again screwed by Lestat as they take full control over her Project Alpha by exploiting a clause in the contract she made with Zaeem Vorloi. She maintains control of her secret rails. The Vorloi have exclusive rights over the lightning rails.
3/24/2012: Mali decides it's best to leave the remaining business to Walden Woden and Hector De-Sante, having fulfilled most of her goals. She official signs over Controlling interest in East Injia trade company to Woden. After hearing that she is going to become Bor Heavychain's queen, Danicus Lobe confronts her and insist she cannot do so. He reveals he is working for her father Hiroshi Ohba and was sent to watch her until her 18th birthday (which is a few IRL days away) at which time she will wed Istachi. Mali runs away to Roctrap. This officially marks the end of East Injia under Mali Ohba

Total 2160gp 1-22-2012
Total 43010gp 1-28-2012
Total 33360 2-1-2012
Total 28360 2-2-2012
Total 8360 2-7-2012
Total 1257760 2-17-2012
Total 1193260 2-17-2012
Total 346660 2-17-2012
Total 46660 2-23-2012
Total 2406400gp 2-27-2012
Total 61400 3-4-2012
Total 21400 3-6-2012
Total 205400 3-7-2012
Total 591800 3-13-2012
Total 392200 3-17-2012
Total 737400 3-24-2012


# Adventure Date Actions
1 downtime 2-27-2012 Buys half the crew seats +1.
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