Dwarven Ruins


Ghastly (or rather fiery) remnants of some ancient dwarven civilization. The ruins appear to be located several feet under the current level of the Underport.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Pharmakon (part 2) 10-20-2012 The party unknowingly (at least initially) reached the location after their escape from a platoon of warforged which were set quite loose… with a warforged titan being the most dire threat and pretty much the cause of the team ending up there in the first place (several tons of adamantine happen to be quite effective… at collapsing less durable warehouses it seems, floor included). Tis the place where 3 giants (including one spell-warped ettin) sought to steel Kimonto's Staff of Annihilation.
2 Pharmakon (part 3) 10-21-2012 During their exploration the adventurers stumbled upon a corpse of one Claws of Orcus member, strange polearm blade, an ancient elemental-bound forge as well as entrance to the temple level of the ruins which turned out to be inhabited by hostile fire elementals.
3 Pharmakon (part 4) 10-26-2012 The party 'finally' left the location with the use of an archaic steam-engine-powered lift… but ,to their surprise and/or horror… instead of the desired 'surface' they ended up in The Secret headquarters of... the Black Lions.
4 Foxy Prank 10/26/2013 The party entered the ruins in hope of pulling a prank on the Black Lions Lions whose headquarters were placed above. It is not clear why but Mathias Blizzaia's forces led by Albrecht Eberhart were dispatched there too. ]
5 Foxy Prank (part2) 10/30/2013 The event's setting. Albrecht Eberhart was bluffed into thinking that there was a traitor in his ranks which made him leave the site for the time's being. The team managed to bypass all traps while also avoiding confrontation with all remaining guardians. Later a group of Black Lions descended down into the underground complex only to be promptly humiliated by Kimonto and the gang. ]
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