In the days long gone the city of Durge used to be a thriving metropolis inhabited by a sizeable population of high-elves of great arcane lineage. It was their mastery of magic which allowed for the city to prosper to such extent that it's became an object of envy of many. Still, ultimately only few chose to even threaten the otherwise a bit remotely placed location fearing the might of its inhabitants.
It is not truly clear how exactly but Durge was finally conquered, pillaged and left to deteriorate into the dilapidated ruin-scape placed somewhere within what is currently known as the Red Desert.


What remains of the city's architecture is still a sight to behold - great arcs which at one time combined into a superstructure resembling something between a marble forest mixed in with arcane wonders of the days long gone are still mostly intact. Even the least significant house appeared, in the eyes of foreigners, more like a hand-made sculpture incorporating pleasing aesthetic motifs than anything.


It is more than clear that the city-state was governed by a magocracy of sorts with the council composed of the heads of the houses exhibiting the most potent arcane prowess staying at the very top of the chain of command.




From the perspective of today's Durge might have appeared to be nothing short of utopia made real by the wonders of arcane magic. In spite of being placed within a largely hostile climate the city's limits provided comfortable living for its mostly high-elven population.
Back in the day there wasn't a single wizard apprentice who didn't dream about getting in one of the city's prestigious arcane academies if only to get a gaze of the elven high magic and circle magic being at work.















Dirk Darling


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Holy Library 04/11/2013 Mentioned few times during conversion betwen Rick Dodger and Ebon Librarian. Garmivr, the Starforger apparently took part in creation of some of its wondrous magical devices… though it was not clear whether such was fully intentional.
2 Elemental Issues 04/19/2013 Rick Dodger and Isaac decided to visit the site at one point, each for his own reason.
3 Cael goes to town 10/18/2013 Mentioned few times. For now it is unlikely that the ruins were the destination pointed out by the mysterious device he assembled.
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