Duramere, quite few miles north of dragonsport is a small farming community. The freemen and women of duramere have had a hard life. Their ground is less fertile than other parts of the black marches, their growing season is short, and their craftsmen are few in number. In addition, Duramere's proximity to the serpent mire makes it a dangerous place to live. There are certainly easier lands to till, even for hardy black marchers so why live here?

The answer is bread. The farmers of duramere cultivate fields of grains that is highly valued throughout the land. Grains grown in these lands typically store ages long than those grown elsewhere. This valley is the only place where this effect occurs - rumors that it was once a ancient burial ground of some sort is the urban myth of the fertility source.

Duramere is nestled in a gentle valley between high hills, taking advantage of a creek that flows through it and peters out into a marsh to the southwest. (The creek extends all the way out to the mire during the rainy summer season, overflowing the king's road). A temporary wooden fort built atop a high hill to the south watches over the village. The fort dubbed Fort Duramere is manned by soldiers from dragonsport.

Duramere has recently been effected by the planned construction of a stone fort to replace the wooden one. Recently, Lord Voy Neruda has been recieving reports that wildmen have been raiding along the outskirts. Realizing that surrending the fields would cost a valuable resouce, the lord has decided to improve this outpost. New buildings are being constructed to house the laborers that will be needed to complete the task, within a few months the village will be a thriving community.


Ancient Swamp
Brand River


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Ser Vilem
Sheriff Milo
Bogdan the Blacksmith
Mora the Witchwoman


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Duramere Part One 8-13-12 Fought off infected townsfolk
2 Duramere Part Two 8-14-12 Went searching for a cure for the infection
3 Duramere Part Three 8-15-12 Engaged Rivals for the cure, stopped ser Vilem from executing the infected
4 Wutherton: Scouring the Blight 8-23-12 The now dead town Wutherton was cleared of infected and bandits
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