Race: Sentient Magic Item
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


"I've got balls of lead!"

Description: Duke is a sentient pistol found in the Abandoned Research Complex that scales its powers with those of its wielder. Currently, it is being used by Roc.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Into the Great Unknown Part 1 12-21-2011 Was found by Aoth on a dead body and given to Roc.
2 Into the Great Unknown Part 3 1-03-2012 Made many interesting remarks.
3 Altharid's Coronation 1-14-2012 Roc allows Gato to borrow Duke.
4 Into the Great Unknown Part 7 1-29-2012 Took over Roc's body after he was Dominated.
5 Those Who Seek (Prologue) 3-23-2012 Didn't completely like Soleit when he showed up at the Kobold Settlement.
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