Drozeek Dakian
"Haha you're funny… Wait your serious about not blowing up Dragonport? Damnit…"

Character Sheet
Player: DakkalordG
Race: Svirfneblin
Class: Machinesmith 2
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Drozeek is small, even for gnome standards, standing at a mere 2' tall and only weighing in at 22lbs, I suppose a childhood of sitting in a room pouring over old schematics and creating small prototypes doesn't do well for physical development. Her eyes are Dark orbs of blue and she has quite a lot of hair by Svirfneblin standards, all of which is stark white.

Personality: Drozeek is extremely quiet and shy when around people and usually resorts to mentally playing a slightly demented game known as "How many ways can I kill the nearest person to me."

She is extremely eccentric (which may be a mental deficiency.) and has a love of firearms and explosives.

Even though she inwardly looks like a Demented, Mental, Pyromaniac. She is outwardly friendly and happy when in a friendly company.

Background: Drozeeks Svirfneblin parents were murdered as part of a contract killing when she was only 4 months old. The killer, a Drow Gunslinger with a large Top-Hat, took care of Drozeek and raised her as his own. This Drow taught Drozeek the basics of melee combat and advanced Pistol training, him being a gunslinger, but they both knew that wasn't were Drozeeks specialties lay. She always had a knack for Tinkering. Wires, Schematics, pipes, engines, she would mess with anything the could find, usually breaking them in a process. For her 22nd birthday the Top-Hatted Gunslinger Drow elf who had a very 'Quick-Draw' , gave her a Toolbox, and a heap of scrap metal. From all of this, she created her first Greatwork, her Gnome-Scaled "Chainsword Class Pain-Bringer" she liked to call it. On her 30th birthday the 'Quick-Drawing' Drow Elf left her to make her own way in the world, leaving her with 2 parting gifts, a spanner nearly as long as she was tall, perfect for engineering and bashing skulls the like, and a pair of sundark goggles modified to look perfect with her Harley. Since then she has travelled most of the Black Marches on her Harley before bumping into a group of adventurers…

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 12/12/12 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 'Boltcrusher' , Sundark Goggles
3 Crimson Steel. A new dawn 19-12-12 1150 400 Revolver 'Boltcrusher' Cleaning the dirt off Arkus , 1 goblin at a time
4 Hired Ethics Part 3 Chapter 1 4-1-13 1300 1000 The Crimson Steel job was quiet as, so I decided to talk to Quickdraws mate Ricky about a job. He had a murder investigation in stock, and that nearly ended very badly for me…
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