Dream Team


Ed, Ted, Fred, and Edd are a group of adventurers, consisting of two fighters-types, a magic user of some sort, and a rogue. They might not be the most competent team around, but they manage to make enough to keep their problems drowned in fine elven wine at the Old Dragon Hall…at least, until one of them inevitably opens their mouth and gets them all tossed out on the street.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Search for the 'Glowy' ... Duck (?) 3-27-2012 Thoroughly drunk and downtrodden, this sorry lot told any willing to listen (and buy the next round) of the riches they sought at the Haunted Mausoleum, and the midget-spawned beatdown they found instead. One which they promptly reenacted by picking a fight with Ughruk, the inn's bugbear bouncer…
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