Dragonshard Mining Complex

The complex itself is placed roughly in the 'Deposit Isle's' center. In spite of being quite fortified with plenty of magical defenses and mundane fortifications the place lays deserted, devoid of the Ergothian crew which used to manage it.



# Adventure Date Events
1 Deposit Investigation (part 2) 07/18/2013 The team finally reached the gates to the 'mine' part of the complex.
2 Deposit Investigation (part 3) 07/24/2013 Almost right at the mine's entrance the team confronted a pack of hungry, crystalline bulettes.
3 Deposit Investigation (part 4) 07/31/2013 It does not take long for the team to find some traces of a battle which took place (most likely) few years ago - the remains would imply a sortie between some Ergothian troops and a yet-to-be determined adversary. Some time later the party ends up decimating the owners of the bulettes they slew on the 1st level, a small tribe of trolls of various breeds. Only few (that includes their leader) manage to escape with their trollish lives.
4 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part1) 08/03/2013 The party found a secret, concealed area, of immense size full of tools both mundane and magical as well as a contingent of machines, clockwork powered 'digging mecha' all ready-to-be-employed for the excavation of the mine… which never truly started for good. Later the team followed the sounds of chanting originating from the very lowest level of the mine where they quickly dealt with Tavagak and met/confronted/person with (depending from person to person) with Laos'Hes only to found themselves struggling against the Seed of Retribution and a sudden emergence of a team of Zarthian Shadow Tempests.
5 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part2) 08/05/2013 The five-way battle between the party, Swirling Shadows, Laos'Hes and his mercenaries, a Shadow Tempest detachment of the Principality of Zarthia and… the Seed of Retribution continued… albeit without Laos'Hes due to his constant streak of incompetence.
6 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part3) 08/07/2013 The game's setting. Kimonto managed to employ her staff in a successful attempt of mythalar activation she mimicked from a similar chamber of the Old Castle Darnten, calling Edictum in the process who expressed his gratitude in warping each party member where they desired.
7 Kimonto-ed 08/10/2013 Kimonto had some fun with manipulating the mythalar located within the lowersmost chamber and as a resulted called… multiple versions of herself, each hailing from a different world.
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