Dragonport Undercity


An added section of Dragonport created by Syrius after the fall of Ra-Men.

This 'Undercity', comprised of thirty four layers is built within a 7 layered crystaline cylinder that hangs from Dragonport. A mile beneath Dragonport lies beginning of the Undercity. There, the crystal barriers reach the sea floor and creates a series of floodgates, levies, and ports from which underwater gnomish vessels can depart from.

The Undercity can be accessed by seven different magically powered lifts that reach all the way to the second to last 'level' of the undercity where the port lies. A separate lift is provided to the Underport from the thirty third level.

In the event of a port-based invasion the Elevator can be shut down and the port flooded. Each of the Elevators to the Undercity can be shut off as well in the event of a need to evacuate Dragonport or the Undercity into the other. There are three floors, thirty one through thirty three, near the ports that are reserved for such evacuation overflow.

A Majority of the floors are committed to a mix between residential and 'white collar' establishments with production/industry being located on levels twenty seven to twenty nine. Commercial establishments and markets are located almost entirely on the mid-level floors with entertainment peripheral around them.


Sealed Warehouse

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Pharmakon (part 1) 10-06-2012 Visited by the party the very first time (at least the section direcetly bordering with the Underport). Rick Dodger sought to both sell his alchemical goods to Siegfried de'Carde and… actually acquire the license for the use of gnomish submarines during his trade operations there.
2 Shades and Shackles Pt. 1 10-08-2012 The party sought to learn more about 'the Lord of Darkness' there. Their investigation was mostly impaired by their 'bounty's' elusiveness as well as some young wanna-be gangsters.
3 Pharmakon (part 2) 10-20-2012 The Underport section of the Undercity became 'locked down' by the Black Lions for reasons yet to be determined.
4 Retributive Past 01-22-2013 The party visited a shady part of the location in order to find Gonvirn.
5 Dust to dust... 04/01/2013 A group of foxes (Miyu, Yagiuma and Azusa) met near the Underport and after a bit of clarifications… plotted to ransack what remained from one of the cells of the Cult of the Inner Eye. The hideout was obscured behind a cracked gate at the end of a sparsely patrolled maintenance tunnel.
6 Infested Necropolis... revisited 04/05/2013 An explosion revealed a necropolis untouched by the recent undead purge and a party of adventurers started to explore it to slay the undead and recover alchemical substances.
7 Infested Necropolis... revisited (continuation) 04/06/2013 The party continued to explore the uncovered site, encountering a group of cultists accompanied by aberrant servants.
8 Oil and More 07/12/2013 The 'oily' trail detected by Frozt's keen nose led to a sealed section of the Undercity.
9 Inbetween: Prologue 07/28/2013 Taking off to Elric's Bay, a group of treasure-seekers sneak past the dock guards to board a suspiciously rickety Gnomish submarine.
10 Golden Opportunity 09/28/2013 The game's setting. A small, local tremor created an opportunity to earn their living for a group of adventurers.
11 Webs of Vanity (part6) 10/22/2013 Yagiuma found a shortcut leading from there into the Sanctified Minds Outpost.
12 Into the Depths Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 12/14/2013, 12/19/2013, 1/01/2014 Some caves were discovered around here in search of supplies to help against the zombie apocalypse. Avrek hired a few people to help him search.
13 Into the Depths part4 01/09/2014 The party appears to have found at least some valuable positoxin supplies within the Sealed Warehouse but at the same time Avrek turned out hostile and perished (?) in the sortie that is yet to be resolved.
14 Into the Depths part5 01/18/2014 The party left Sealed Warehouse victorious, their adversaries defeated and positoxin containers recovered.
15 Underdeath (part1) 02/12/2014 The game's setting, level 13-to be precise. The party purged through ranks of undead and avoided drowning in water somehow getting into the level.
16 Underdeath (part2) 02/15/2014 The game's setting, level 13-to be precise. The team leaves on, meeting few other survivors on their way through as well as finding more creates and dealing with some looters as well as finding few hints of a murderer plainly known as Butcher being loose somewhere on this level.
17 Underdeath (part3) 02/20/2014 The struggle for survival continues, the party managed to defeat the Butcher and find the reminder of the crates they so sought.
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