Dragonport Thieves Guild


A Mysterious guild of Rogues and Thieves headquartered in Dragonport. Was originally founded by Dirk Darling. Seeks to ensure a successful and profitable swag of illicit enterprises.


Thieves Guild Warehouse
Thieves Guild Sewer Lair
Thieves Guild Branch: Merchant District



Dragonport City Guard
College of Necromancy
Black Lions


Deidra Darling - Guild Leader
Caddus - Captain
Schrick - Comrade
Toris - Investigator
Sheldon - Cutpurse
Karag - Enforcer
Madam Gadie - Senior Pickpocket
Brunhilde 'Hilde' Draig'Cyfaill - Merchant District branch leader
Traysia - Secret Informer and Backer
Patrick - Potion Supplier


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Boogie Man 02-08-2012 Attacked the party, later tried to make peaceful overtures
2 The Black Lions 02-16-2012 A group of adventurers agreed to help the guild in finding their missing members.
3 Blood Calls to Blood 02-29-2012 The party discovered the traitor among their ranks…and so much more.
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