Dragonport Society Of Dungeon Delvers


Founded by a group of gnomes from Glitter Island to raise intelligent hirelings for future expeditions. Funded mainly by those who fail their "Classes".


Caverns attached to the Dragonport Undercity in the mid mercantile levels. Hollowed out to play host to their "school" tunnels known collectively as Delver's Dungeon which also has their "Student Store". Anyone who survives the class can get a 10% rebate from items they bought at the beginning of the course.




# Adventure Date Actions
1 Regie's First Class 08-1-2013 Regie attempts the first class with aplomb and style. Succeeding with minimal damage to himself through quick thinking and ingenuity
2 Cedric's First Class 08-1-2013 Cedric survives the first class with careful wisdom and intelligence. He understood the secret of the Golden Rule, and how not to be greedy.
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