Dragonport Shops


The metropolis of Dragonport is known for its wide variety of goods and services. If one needs something, it should not be too hard to find it here


Galadriel's Fine Accoutrement: A shop specializing in luxury clothing run by Galadriel Thistledown, an Elven Expert.

Ulrik's Fine Armor: Smithy specializing in heavy armor and shields, magical and mundane. Operated by Urik, Dwarven Cleric of Clangeddin Silverbeard.

Thestin's Magical Merchandise: Shop specializing in wondrous magic items and wands. Owned, operated, and supplied by the Gnomish Maester Thestin.

The Sullen Serpent: A beached behemoth of a ship which serves as a front for goods sold by the enterprising Pirate/Fence Gillam Deal. Here stolen goods are bought and sold. Gillam also offers to act as the middle man to arrange other illicit services.

Nanny's Goods: Gigantic Sequoyah with a hollowed inside which serves as shop. Owned and operated by Dragonport's most prominent if not powerful Druid, Nanny Grow. Nanny sells potions, talismans, and staves, she will also arrange the acquisition of certain exotic mounts and the like though Nanny demands they be treated well else incurring her wrath.**

The Dragonport Informer While not a shop, per say, the Dragonport Informer is the most trusted news outlet in Dragonport.

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